14 Gift Ideas For Every Budget That The Geek In Your Life Will Love

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Gifts

If you have a geek on your gift list this year – and chances are, you do… we’re everywhere – you might be freaking out about now ’cause you don’t know anything about wizards or laser swords or guys in tight overalls with pointy ears. Well, stress not: These gift ideas will earn you serious geek cred. And best of all, you can buy them all online.

Harry Potter Patronus Mug

Got a Harry Potter fan in your circle? And you really don’t get all the fuss? You don’t have to. Just trust us that this affordable coffee mug that transforms to reveal a stag patronus (Google it) when you pour hot liquid into it, is a magic touch they won’t forget.

Typo Harry Potter Heat Sensitive Mug

Geek Tee

A novelty tee is basically the geek uniform. The more ironic or insider the joke, the better. This site has many great options, but if you don’t know where to start, this Bender shirt is not only hilarious, but a nostalgic throwback to a sci-fi classic – Futurama. Winning combo.

Robot Problems T-shirt

Tickets To Comic Con

Whether it’s a gamer you’re shopping for, a sci-fi fanatic or a fantasy junkie, this weekend is geek paradise. They will love you. The end.

Comic Con Africa Single-Day Pass

Comic Con Cape Town Single-Day Pass

Novelty Leggings

Every fit girl wants new leggings and if your gym buddy also happens to be a geek, this perfect blend of her two obsessions will earn you at least a #gratitude Insta shout-out. We love these Wonder Women leggings from Sweat Gear SA, but if your girl is more of a villain, the Harley Quinn design is wicked.

Sweat Gear Full Ladies Leggings

Gamer Power Bank

Gamers gonna game. Whether it’s Call of Duty at 3am or an old-school arcade machine at a roadside café. Your resident geek will love this welcome distraction while their phone charges.

Type Gamer Power Bank

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Marvel Luggage Tag

This one is for the classy geek who travels a lot and needs to look profesh but is low-key watching superhero movies on the plane. They’ll love the subtle badge of geekiness that sets their bag apart on the carousel.

Marvel Shape Shifter Luggage Tag

Novelty Flash Drive

In an ideal world they’d wear anime tees every day and have Star Wars sound effects on their phone. But, sadly, this grown-up geek has to adult. Add some childlike fun to their work day with a geeky flash drive. Takealot has many great characters, but our pick is this 32GB DragonballZ Goku flash drive… as long as it doesn’t take a whole week to power up!

DBZ Goku Novelty 32GB USB Flash Drive

Le Creuset Star Wars Collection

Quick history lesson: The first Star Wars film was released in 1977. It was a massive hit (we’re talking 10 Oscar nominations massive) and ignited an almost cult-like devotion to the franchise. On 20 December, 43 years later, the OG Star Wars story arc finally comes to an end with the release of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. And brands are all over it, with Star Wars themed merch popping up everywhere – even in our favourite cookware. Of course, the most-sought after dishes in the galaxy don’t come cheap, but any Star Wars geek would enter a Tatooine pod race to own it.

Le Creuset R2-D2 TM Mini Cocotte, 10cm

50 Amazing Cocktails Inspired By Harry Potter E-Book

The top of the potions class will enjoy whipping up these concoctions at their next themed dinner party. (Every geek likes a themed dinner party.) Cauldron optional… but encouraged.

50 Amazing Cocktails Inspired by Harry Potter By Archie Thomas

Levi’s Star Wars R2-D2 Tee

Another brand jumping on the Star Wars speeder, Levi’s has come out with a range so cool, you’ll want it even if you’re not a geek. Denim and droids? Levi’s, we love you. [Levi’s: “We know.”]


Star Trek Monopoly

A quick, but very important geekdom lesson: Star Wars and Star Trek are not the same. And don’t assume that just because your geek friend likes one of them, they also like the other. If “lightsabers” and “The Force” sound familiar, play it safe and avoid anything Star Trek. But if they curse in Klingon or do something funny with their hand and say, “Live long and prosper” they will love this Federation spin on traditional Monopoly.

Monopoly Star Trek

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Harry Potter Hermione Wand Pen

We can’t guarantee that it’s exactly 10¾” long, made of vine wood or has dragon heartstring at its core, but your super-organised wannabe-Hermione Granger geek will love this gift because a.) it’s stationery and b.) she can wave it at you and mutter “stupefy” when you’re doing something annoying.

Harry Potter - Hermione Illuminating Wand Pen (Parallel Import)

Harry Potter Socks

Socks have special meaning in the Harry Potter universe (it was with a sock that Harry freed Dobby, the house elf, from slavery – so much more to these kids’ books than meets the eye, neh?) so if you’re looking for HP merch, socks are extra special. And, bonus, cheaper than a lot of other options.

Typo Harry Potter Mens Novelty Socks

American Tourister Star Wars Stormtrooper Suitcase

Geek dreams are made of these totally legit, but epic luggage sets. If you happen to have R2k lying around for a Star Wars-loving geek you really want to impress, this case is the next best thing to a ride on the Millennium Falcon.

Wavebreaker Star Wars 4-wheel 77cm large Spinner suitcase

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