Guys Share the Hottest Thing A Woman Has Ever Done To Their Balls

by | May 6, 2016 | Sex & Love

Balls can be tricky to handle, but there are ways to drive him wild beyond the cup-‘n-squeeze. Here, guys share the hottest thing you can do to their balls during sex. Sure, the testicles can be tricky to handle, but there are plenty of creative ways to play ball that go beyond the cup-and-squeeze.

Don’t believe us? Here, six dudes share a play-by-play of the moves that have made them go, ahem, nuts. Go balls to the wall with these moves:

1. Quiet Karaoke

“During my birthday blow job, my girlfriend made an unscheduled pit stop and gave my balls a hummer. She took them in her mouth one at a time and made humming sounds. The vibration felt amazing, especially when she moved into a lower pitch – I had to think about my grandma just to keep from coming too fast.” – Brad G.

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2. Flick It

“My ex used to do this thing where she’d flick her tongue from side to side really fast between the two little fellas. How she did it without fracturing her jaw, I’ll never know. But the boys were appreciative and always psyched to see her.” – Todd B.

3. Tasty Freeze

“My girlfriend put ice in her mouth before sucking on my balls. She sucked on one, then the other, while exhaling hot air on them, so they wouldn’t retreat from the cold. When the ice cube was almost melted, she took both of them in her mouth and swirled her tongue around. Long story short, I passed out.” – Josh M.

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4. Itch ’em

“The one thing that always gets me going is when she lightly scratches her fingernails across them – up and down, side to side.” – Tyler D.

5. Numb Nuts

“One night (after having a few drinks), she numbed my balls with some sort of anaesthetic. The sensation flooded back as we were getting it on and I almost lost it. The volcano erupted. The clouds parted. The birds chirped. It was beautiful.” – Kevin T.

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6. Ball Cuffs

“My girlfriend bought a bunch of sex toys, including a cock ring that had a ball divider. At first it was like putting my nuts in a straightjacket and the tugging felt weird, but, as we got it on, the sensation was incredible. It was best orgasm I’ve ever had.” – Dan V.

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