4 Last-Minute Halloween Make-Up Looks To Get You Looking Spooky AF

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Halloween. Suddenly, my fave (dress-up) holiday of the year has arrived and, if you’re anything like me, you’re totally behind on the costume prep. With work, a social life, family commitments and a never-ending list of errands, when exactly is one supposed to get costume-creative?

Well my friends, the time to get smart is now. Chances are we all have something in the back of our wardrobe that with a few tweaks could pass as a costume, right? (Hello, old leopard print dress!)

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Found it? Right, all you really need now is a steady hand, a trusty eyeliner, a few other make-up bits and voila! – suddenly you’re spooky AF. Don’t believe me? Here’s some IG inspo…

First up, the ghoulish clown. Once you’ve created a dramatic smokey eye, it’s all about the liner. Almay’s pen liquid liner, R199 is great for this dramatic look because it helps with an easy, controlled application.


Finish the look with plum purple lips before sweeping your liner back across your cheeks. Top tip: Draw a light outline first to make sure you’re happy with the shape before you go all guns blazing in black ink.

No one needs reminding that Eighties fashion is back. And while I wouldn’t always recommend using rainbow coloured eyeshadows (in fact, I don’t think I’d ever recommend it IRL), Halloween is the perfect time to throw the beauty rule book out the window.


This Beauty Treats Professional Palette boasts 88 shades for just R195 (that’s only R2.22 per colour). Throw caution to the wind and clash as many colours as you can sweep over your eyelids. Then exaggerate your cheeks with plenty of pink and, finally, pop an over-sized bow into your hair to finish the look.

Let your fellow Hallo-party peeps get up close and personal to appreciate your intricate handiwork. A pair of false spidery lashes wouldn’t go a miss here either!

Behold the glitter brow. The perfect look for those of us with bushy, tough-to-tame eyebrows. This look has been made so much easier thanks to this Essence glitter primer. Brush your brows up and paint the primer through them. Then get glittery with your chosen pot of sparkles.

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Alternatively (and less messy), swoosh a glitter eyeliner pencil through your brows for a more subtle shimmer. If not for Halloween, then when?




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