4 Ways To Reignite That Lost Spark In Your Relationship

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Sex & Love

With every couple, there will be times when boredom sets in (you are definitely not alone – we promise) – but don’t fret: here’s how to reignite the spark in your relationship… PS: You’re going to have so much fun doing this!

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Boredom = bliss

“It’s normal for excitement levels in relationships to ebb and flow,” says sex and relationships researcher Dr Kristen Mark. Boredom often sets in after a milestone, like tying the knot or having a kid. Those peaks mark a goal ticked off – and, as that feeling fades, the doldrums can set in. Simply knowing no relationship involves constant fireworks can help you ride out the lulls. As can realising dull moments make thrilling ones even better. Here are four ways to liven things up:

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1. Do something different

Explore a new part of town or try a new activity to foster closeness.

2. Get scared

An adrenaline-raising activity (skydiving, anyone?) induces an amped-up state of arousal, intensifying your couple connection.

3. Walk down memory lane

Nostalgia reminds you of what’s truly important and meaningful.

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4. Game on

Talking about sex can increase overall communication. Sit down and each make a list of things you haven’t tried together, then swap. Mark every item yes, no or maybe. Nos are forbidden, but the rest is totally up for discussion.


Don’t ignore long-standing ennui: studies show people who have strong relationships are significantly happier, healthier and live longer.

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