How To Sculpt A Sexy Upper Body Fast

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Fitness

Training for an obstacle race or just looking to sculpt a lean, toned upper body? You need to try this workout! 
Obstacle race season is here and it’s bigger than ever, with more events popping up all the time. This weekend we’ll be taking part in the inaugural Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run, later in October we’re tackling Warrior Race, plus there’s still Impi Challenge, Muddy Princess and The Grind to look forward to.

Strong Like Woman

The thing about obstacle racing is you need a strong upper body if you want to make it over those obstacles. Whether you’re climbing a cargo net, tackling monkey bars or dragging yourself through a muddy tunnel, strong arms, shoulders, back muscles and grip strength will go a long way towards getting you to the finish line. Problem is, while guys will spend entire workouts hanging around the pull-up bar or doing curls – and then skip leg day! – us women tend to neglect our upper bodies in favour of the treadmill, step machine and abs circuit.

The Superwoman Challenge

One woman who doesn’t shy away from upper body strength training? Our Next Fitness Star, Mapule Ndhlovu. Mapule wowed us with her Superwoman Workout – now she’s challenging you to unlock your own Superwoman powers. To do this sequence, you’ll need a pull-up bar, low box and some floor space. The key is to keep moving continuously, hopping from one station to the next. Start by jumping onto the box with both feet, landing softly. Use this as your boost to jump up and grab hold of the pull-up bar. Do two pull-ups, followed up with one toes-to-bar. Drop down, then move to the floor, get into push-up position and do one regular push-up, followed by a primal push-up on each side. Finish up with two tiger push-ups, then jump your legs back in to return to standing. That’s one round – see how many you can do!

Make It Easier

> Loop a resistance band around the pull-up bar and do band-assisted pull-ups instead of regular pull-ups.
> Swap out the toes-to-bar for a hanging leg raise.
> Don’t dip down in the primal push-up.
> Rock from elbows to hands in the tiger push-up rather than doing Mapule’s explosive variety.
> Separate the moves into individual exercises and focus on mastering each one before you string them together. Just training to do these moves will build mad upper body strength and seriously sexy muscle.

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Challenge your fitness-crazy friends (girls and guys!) to see if they can match Mapule. Remember to tag us on Twitter and Instagram and let us know how it goes.

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