How To Tell Which Supplements You Should Be Taking

by | May 7, 2019 | Health

Anyone who’s ever stood in the supplement aisle will know the feeling: so many supplements, all shiny and promising to boost your energy and brain and even help you shed a few. But do you need all that? We break it down for you…


You need at least 18mg per day. Find it in food: It’s found mainly in meats, shellfish and beans. Three quarters of a cup of fortified cereal has a day’s worth. One cup of lentils has 6.6mg. Red meat doesn’t contain as much per gram, but your body absorbs it more efficiently.

Solal Iron Plus Formula is made with chelated iron, which is easy for your body to absorb and less likely to cause the tum troubles associated with ordinary iron supps.

Or a supp: Always look to your diet first, but if you do supplement, buy gut-friendly “elemental iron” because too much can lead to constipation.

Vitamin D

Get 600+ IU per day. Find it in food: An 85g serving of salmon has 447 IU. One cup of milk has up to 124 IU. One egg has 41 IU (keep in mind the D is in the yolk). Or 15 minutes of sun on your arms and face every second day will also do the trick.

This is a vegan-friendly vitamin D3, derived from lichen rather than from animal by-products.

Or a supp: Food alone won’t be enough for the seriously D-deficient. Look for easy-to-absorb daily D3 cholecalciferol supplements of up to 2 000 IU.

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Get 2.4mcg per day. Find it in food: Dairy foods and eggs contain a bit of B12. Fortified soy products or breakfast cereal can give you your full daily value.

Solgar’s vegan-friendly B12 supp comes in a nugget dosage that dissolves quickly, for optimum absorption.

Or a supp: Don’t do meat, dairy or eggs? A good-quality B12 supplement is definitely in order.


Get 320mg per day. Find it in food: A half cup of edamame has 50mg. Half a cup of black beans packs 60mg. One baked potato provides 40mg. “Green leafy vegetables and bananas are also rich in magnesium,” says nutritionist Kristen Beck.

Sally Ann Creed’s Magnesium Citrate treats insomnia, anxiety, constipation, muscle cramps and headaches.

Or a supp: If you skip all wheat, rice and fortified cereals, look for a daily magnesium citrate supplement.

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