How To Turn Your Coffee Table Into A Gym

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Workouts

By Wanita Nicol
Gyms are great, but if don’t have the money or time, there’s so much you can do at home, even with limited space.
Next Fitness Star finalist Irène Scholz invented this high-energy lounge workout while staying with family on holiday. All you need is a sturdy coffee table. A trunk, bench or chair works just as well.

Keep It Simple

“A home workout doesn’t need to be complex, nor complicated – all you want to do is move,” says Irène. When you’re short on time, circuits are a simple and effective way to get a home workout in, she says.

How It Works

Starting at the first station, do four sets of eight reps. Rest for five seconds between sets. Once you’ve done all four sets, do six burpees. Then move on to the next station and repeat the pattern until you’ve completed all stations.
Your Stations
1 Coffee table bunny hops
TIP: Pretend you’re playing Ingle Angle and follow this pattern: Right, on, left, on.
2 Coffee table triceps dips
TIP: Keep your bum close to the table.
3 Incline push-ups
TIP: Keep your core tight.
4 Coffee table cross-over jumps
TIP: Push up explosively off the floor; get into a rhythm.
5 Toe taps
TIP: Don’t stand too close to the table.
6 Plank jumps
TIP: Keep your arms directly under your shoulders.
7 Kneel to coffee-table box jump
TIP: Curl your toes under when you kneel; step off the box, don’t jump down.
8 Scissor-leg sit-up
TIP: Keep your shoulders off the floor and your pelvis scooped throughout.

Master The Moves

Even if you can’t afford to train with a personal trainer or coach regularly, Irène recommends at least doing a one-off session every now and then to learn good form. That way you can make sure you don’t get into the habit of performing moves in a way that could cause injury – or just sabotage your results. “Form over everything,” she says. So when you do your nifty at-home workouts, you’ll know that you’re moving well, not hurting yourself and getting the best possible fitness gains.

Ready To Get Moving?

Clear away the coffee cups, doilies (no judgement here) and potpourri, move any loose rugs out of your way and watch the video below for a workout demo.

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