9 Instagram Stars Who Will Inspire You To Embrace Your Body

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Life

We live in a world that is obsessed with appearance. Societal pressure has made us all self conscious, made us doubt our beauty. Well, its 2018 and we are all about self love!

Here are 9 Instagram accounts that inspire us to be our version of healthy, encourage us to embrace our bodies at whatever stage we’re at, and remind us that no matter what we are total bad-asses!

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Candice encourages us to find our version of what it means to be healthy in all walks of life.  She offers practical ways to approach healthy living, whether its tips on lowering your caffeine consumption, self-care or birth control, Candice has got your back.

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Jessamyn is a plus size yogi breaking all sorts of myths about plus size women not being fit. She’s proof that one really can be fit at any size.


Oyama is all about embracing her curves and encouraging women to have #radicalselflove. She has an amazing sense of style and lives life to the fullest, while encouraging her followers to do the same.

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We can’t talk body positivity and confidence without talking about thinkleeyounce. Lee does not shy away from embracing her curves and all that comes with it. She encourages her followers to embrace their bodies regardless if they have stretch marks, cellulite or thick thighs.


Tracey-lee has lost over 30 kilos and has kept it real all the way. We love her honesty and how she’s been an inspiration throughout her journey. She encourages self-love at whatever point you are at in your fitness journey, and thats message we can all get behind.


Winnie is a runway model who was born with vitiligo, a skin condition that causes loss of pigmentation. She’s refined what models look like, and has encouraged woman all of the world to embrace their skin.

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Em is a YouTuber and makeup artist that has gotten super real about having acne and acne scars. She often posts pictures and videos of her bare face. Her confidence and acceptance of her skin is nothing short of amazing. She’s an inspiration to all acne sufferers everywhere.

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Zinteta is a Spanish artist that has turned stigmatized topics such as periods and streach marks into works of art. Her art work is a great reminder that no matter how ‘disgusting’ things may seem to society, we are all master pieces!


This account is great as it encourages us to strive to be healthy and not focus on just having abs or toned legs. It empowers women to choose authentic health and to embrace their bodies regardless of societal standards.

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