This Is Exactly How Jeannie D Deals With Cellulite

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Skincare

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This body will motivate you to renew your gym membership. So… what’s her secret? 

Okay, so we’re accustomed to seeing WH cover model, Top Billing and Afternoon Express presenter Jeannie D in swimsuits and rocking crop tops. She’s curvy, toned and uber body confident! So it makes sense that she’d become the face of French dermo-cosmetic brand, ELANCYL, which has been assisting women in their quest for a smoother, firmer silhouette. You read right, skincare that’ll help you get rid of cellulite. Cue communal sigh of relief…

Love Your Humps

What we love is that ELANCYL is not only in the business of perfecting skin – it also celebrates curves! Their goal is to enable all South African women, like Jeannie D, to comfortably rock any cossie and embrace their natural shapes.

Gorgeous winters day in Cape Town! Haters gonna say it’s photoshop…. but it’s naaat!! ??

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Jeannie’s jumped on the body positivity movement, with hashtags like #BeYourBest regularly popping up on her Insta, inspiring us all to love our bodies irrespective of shape or size. “When you look beautiful, you feel beautiful and that is what ELANCYL has done for my skin and my confidence. My skin is smoother, softer and totally hydrated after just a few applications leaving me with a glow that makes me feel very feminine. I’m thrilled to be part of a brand that makes women look and feel beautiful again,” says Jeannie D.

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Skincare That Kicks Butt

There’s still no elixir to banish cellulite for good. On the plus, though: caffeine-containing gels definitely help. This classic ingredient works because it actually tightens the skin. Caffeine is known to spike circulation and create an immediate improvement and a lasting smoother appearance. Lucky for us, ELANCYL will be introducing a new product line in SA in mid-August: SLIM DESIGN, an anti-cellulite innovation range containing natural active ingredients – and one of them is the [Caffeine Complex] 3D, which acts on the three major cellulite-causing factors.

But people, listen up: you can’t ignore the key factor in the anti-cellulite equation: exercise. It’s one of the most effective ways to reduce dimply skin. And, of course, Jeannie D is a big fan. She puts in a lot of hard work to getting that head-turning body. Try this 18-minute workout that hits all your trouble spots – it’s a great way to get sleek thighs, a tight tush and a totally toned body. See ya later Spanx!

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