“I Love The Fact That I Have A Waist — Here’s How I Lost Weight”

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Weight Loss

As a teen, Joyce Faltermeier loved junk food and loathed exercise. “I thought I’d never be less than a size 16 because I was big-boned,” she admits – and by matric, she was a size 22. But through revamping her diet and taking up walking, Joyce lost over 20kg, and now wears the cute outfits she wasn’t able to before.
Joyce Faltermeier

Before: 90kg
After: 67.8kg
Height: 1.75m
Time required to reach current weight: 9 months

The Gain

“I’ve been heavy my whole life,” says Joyce, a primary school teacher. She blamed her genes, but realises now that her bad diet and lack of exercise didn’t help. “At my heaviest, I’d sit in front of the TV eating chocolates and biscuits.”

The Change

In August 2010, Joyce, who’d always wanted children, was warned by her GP that if she wanted a healthy pregnancy, she had to slim down. She also found inspiration through her colleagues, who’d joined Weigh- Less. Finally, she wanted to be a good role model for the kids in her class. “We teach them about healthy choices, so I needed to practise what I preached.”

The Lifestyle

Joyce lost two kilos in her first week with Weigh-Less, thanks to her five daily servings of veg and three servings of fruit, plus her love for fish and chicken. “I never let myself go hungry because that’s when your sugar levels drop. Your body overcompensates when you don’t feed it correctly and you pile on the weight,” says Joyce. As her dress size dropped, so Joyce’s energy levels increased. Her outlet: walking. “I love hiking; now I pull myself up rock faces without help.”

The Reward

When Joyce hit her target weight, she wore a dress – something she’d always been too self-conscious to do. “I love that I have a waist,” she says. “I can even wear a belt. Every woman loves to have a waist!”

Joyce’s Tips

Quench your thirst. “Water is a natural appetite suppressant.”
Think slim. “Visualising how you’re going to look and feel will keep you motivated.”
Plan your chow. “Prepare healthy meals the night before. This reduces temptation.”

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