“This Is How Social Media Helped Me Lose Weight”

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Weight Loss

Kauthar Harnekar dropped three dress sizes by tapping into this woman’s social media feed. Check out her amazing before-and-after pics, plus how she did it.

How Social Media Made Me Thin!


Lack of exercise and overeating played a huge part in Kauthar Harnekar’s weight issues. “I’ve always been overweight. I used to eat lots of carbs and sweet treats,” she says. Her body couldn’t keep up. Tired of feeling out of breath, Kauthar was ready to change her condition.


Kauthar enlisted the help of long-time friend Zaakirah Khalek (below, as featured in Women’s Health) to whip her into shape. But it was her friend and mentor’s social media feed that kept her going. “Zaakirah’s posts are real and inspirational. On days that I want to binge, I just view her posts and snap out of it,” says Kauthar.


“I’ve learnt that it’s all about your mindset and that your body is an instrument that’s able to evolve with time,” says Kauthar. And she’s right. Studies have found that visual images can be powerful tools in helping you reach your goals. “I also follow other healthy organisations on Instagram and Twitter. I like getting advice from people in the know and from people who I know are facing the same struggles and frustrations, breakthroughs and successes.” Kauthar has lost three dress sizes through being aware of how and what she eats – which all gets shared on social media. “My new way of eating consists of chicken and fish, green veggies – and no carbs,” she says. “I post my breakfast, lunch, dinner – even my treat meals.” Logging and snapping her meals has become a way to track what she puts into her body – and her new body thanks her for that.



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