“I Decided To Try Yoga And It Changed How I Viewed My Body”

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Weight Loss

“Make it about you — not everything in life has to be a competition”

In 2012, Keri Miller told us all about how she’d lost 25kg through boxing and lifting kettlebells. Five years later, Keri attributes her slimmer figure to a different, Zen lifestyle.

Keri Miller

Age: 33
Height: 1.72m
Weight Before: 100kg
Weight After: 67 kg
City: Cape Town
Occupation: Radio presenter
Time taken to lose weight: 3 years
Secret Weapon: Find yourself in a body you love Yoga & Crawl Project

The Gain

While Keri was happy with her fit new body, she felt she was in a fitness rat race. “I was never a lover of bar work, but because the CrossFitters were doing it, I did it. It was all kinds of wrong for me,” she muses about her fitness routine. But instead of becoming disheartened and giving up on fitness, Keri took the opportunity to discover different forms of exercise.

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The Change

For Keri, her exercise “crisis” wasn’t a roadblock in her weight-loss journey; she saw it as a way to explore her body and discover its new needs. “I love changing things up and allowing myself to plateau,” she says. The first thing to go? Her old diet! Keri decided to cut out most meat and gluten from her eating regime. “It’s just a personal choice,” she says, “but it’s changed my life — I feel much better.”

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The Lifestyle

Along with adopting a new diet, Keri fell for yoga and took it up five times a week, along with crawl and meditation. “Meditation has changed my life. What good is training your body if you aren’t allowing your mind to keep up?” Keri’s got a point. By avoiding the scale, she found a new love for her body. “Once I started yoga, crawl and meditation, I realised how unimportant weight loss was and how important health is!” she says.

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The Reward

Keri’s new outlook on life has changed everything — including how she works out. “The mental stimulation I get from my training has become my way to recharge,” she says. Now, her only focus is herself. “I listen to my body, not my ego. I push myself for me, not so that the skinny girl next to me can feel intimidated,” she says. We approve!

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Keri’s Tips

> Tap into your psyche. “Truly listen to your body — it’s your best coach.”
> Always be positive. “The more positive you are about yourself and your body, the faster you find yourself in a body you love.”
> Find something you love. “I realised that I needed to stop training to try be a different person — I needed training that suited me.”

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