How To Handle 24/7 Lockdown With Your Partner And Still Like Each Other At The End Of It

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Sex & Love

Lockdown. You’re forced indoors for almost a month with an undercurrent of global uncertainty. Not only is there more fear around than we’ve ever experienced, but suddenly you find yourself thrust into isolation… with. your. partner.

Now, you love them obvs, but you’re also aware that arguments are bound to happen as you both find your daily routines thrown out the window and your ‘normal’ lives completely disrupted. So, how do you deal with being together in lockdown 24.7… and not killing each other?

1. So, things that normally aren’t a problem for you both are now creating problems.

This is because everyone is having a tough time right now and not being able to burn off excess stress accentuates emotions. Your partner probably isn’t trying to piss you off – they’re just also under as much frustration, strain and worry as you might be. Show them the same compassion you give yourself instead of reacting from your own place of stress.

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2. Remember you’re on the same team.

When the goal is to win an argument, you’re only going to drive a bigger wedge between you and your partner/the relationship/the team. Instead of trying to get someone to take responsibility for a problem, rather ask your partner to help you come up with a solution that’ll make you both feel heard, respected and understood. This way, you’re both winning.

3. Have a common goal to help you bond through this time.

Something you can work on together – like learning a new skill from home, or starting a mutual DIY project – is an amazing way to connect, and maybe even form a deeper love. Not only will this give you an opportunity to improve yourself and your life during lockdown, but you’ll have a great memory to look back on from an otherwise pretty scary time.

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4. Instil lockdown me-time.

If you need alone time in order to reconnect with yourself, so you’re able to give your best to your relationship, don’t be afraid to take action on that.

Have a spot in your home – even if it’s just the bedroom – where you can have an hour or two to yourself every day (or week) to recharge in whatever way feels good to you.

5. Use this time to relearn who your partner actually is.

Whether you’ve been together for a month or for 20 years, this is a perfect opportunity to truly get to know the person you’re spending your life with. Google “deep questions to ask someone”, pick five, and take turns answering them.

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Remember that this is a stressful time for the whole world, so by using this unexpected lockdown as an opportunity to grow together, to deepen your connection and to strengthen your love, your relationship will not only survive COVID-19, but thrive beyond it.

Jacqui Sive is a global mindset coach, helping women around the world live and lead better lives.

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