6 Surprising Reasons Why You’re NOT Losing Weight

by | Dec 7, 2015 | Weight Loss

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Is your body actually fighting with you?

Struggling with weight loss? One of the world’s greatest mysteries is why losing the last couple of kilos is so much freaking harder than losing the first few. But then again, maybe the issue is that our goal weight is actually too low…

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“Many women set their ideal weight unrealistically low,” says Michelle May – author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat. Your body is always going to fight to stay at a weight that’s right for you, she says. According to one Pennington Biomedical Research Center review of previous research, every woman’s body is designed to hold its weight in different places. To be a weight or size that’s not natural for you is incredibly difficult – both biologically and psychologically – and requires a lot of restriction, says May.

Still, some women get obsessed with weighing what they did in high school or when they got married. But your body does and should change through the years, says May. So what was a healthy weight for you at 18 might not be right for you anymore, she says.

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Now, that’s not to say that everyone who has trouble losing weight doesn’t actually need to lose it. But ultimately, once your body finds its healthy, happy weight, it doesn’t want you to lose more just because you want to get into a size two again, says May. In fact, when many women get within two kilos of their goal weight, losing more isn’t just infuriatingly difficult – it’s unhealthy.

With all of that in mind, check out these six signs that your body has found its happy place…

1. Your Weight Doesn’t Fluctuate That Much

Every woman’s weight goes up and down with her hydration levels, bathroom schedule, and the time of the month. But when your body is at the weight it really wants to be, you can easily maintain the number on the scale, says May. She notes that a lot of weight-loss fluctuations are caused by losing too much weight, which causes you to overeat and gain it all back – plus some.

2. You Have Tons of Energy

When most women are at a healthy weight, their energy levels are awesome, says May. After all, being at your ideal weight helps your body work as efficiently as possible. If every little task really tires you out, you might either weigh too much, too little, or you’re cutting too many kilojoules.

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3. You Eat When You’re Hungry

And you stop when you’re full (at least most of the time), says May. “Even healthy eating includes occasionally overeating, and that’s okay,” she says. If you listen to your body and let your hunger signals guide what you eat most of the time, you’ll find your healthy weight and stay there.”

4. Working Out Is About Way More Than Weight Loss

Once you reach your happy weight, the biggest thrill of exercise becomes seeing what you’re capable of doing with your body, regardless of how many kilojoules you burn, says May. You want to push yourself to achieve new things – not just drop a few kilos.

5. Your Health Is In Check

While hitting a certain weight won’t cure everything, when you do achieve your optimum weight, your body just works better, she says. Your blood pressure lowers, your immune system gets stronger, and you just feel healthier. Even if you think you’re overweight, we’re guessing your annual check-up went pretty freaking well.

6. You Eat the Foods You Love

Healthy bodies know that food is about more than fuelling your body; it’s also about enjoyment. So when women’s bodies are happy, they go for that post-dinner ice cream when they really, really want it.

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