REVEALED: Get Ready To Drool & Drench With Hotties Lucky Fadzi And Matthew Stone At Fit Night Out!

by | Jul 13, 2023 | WH Promotion & Events

These two trainers come with so much more than great looks, but a workout that’ll have you energised, working hard and smiling with that endorphin high. PUMA ambassadors and trainers Lucky Fadzi and Matthew Stone are both qualified PTs with years of experience in getting the best out of a fitness routine. And their workouts are certified #BeastMode. “[At Fit Night Out, expect] An out of this world experience from the best tag team in the fitness industry. A fun and challenging workout that will keep you on your toes the whole time!” says Stone. You heard the man: on the 5th of August, we’re going to Drool & Drench our way through their HIIT class at Fit Night Out

We LOVE Lucky Fadzi and Matthew Stone’s approach 

They’re dedicated, they’re strong and they never give up. This ethos echoes in their training and the way they approach a workout. From paying attention to the minor bits of training (Hamstring work! Small muscle activation! Cross training!) to the all-out explosive stuff, these two have mastered what it means to be fit and functional through the ages. “I’m excited to see the people come out in numbers to have some healthy fun with FNO again for the first time since COVID-19,” says Fadzi. Stone is more than amped, too. “I’m excited to share my talent, energy and to put a smile on a lot of people’s faces, leaving them with a memory they will never forget at Fit Night Out,” he says. 

Why we love a HIIT class 

“[Our workouts] incorporate 3 vital components: fun, creative and functional. So you will get a good workout through creative and functional movements that will also be fun to do,” says Fadzi. Here’s why their Drool & Drench workout will be one for the books. 

You’ll challenge yourself 

High-Intensity Interval Training means you’re working at the highest level your body can handle in short bursts of time. That means you’re working hard but resting well in-between workouts. And it works: it’ll improve your cardiovascular condition, reduce high blood pressure and gives your metabolism a serious boost. 

HIIT helps with fat loss 

Working at this level revs up your body’s fat-burning centres, so you’re able to drop fat more easily. It also burns calories long after you’ve wiped the last sweat off your brow, so you get a real bang for your buck. 

It helps with insulin resistance 

Studies show that in people who are prediabetic, or those with type 2 diabetes, doing HIIT regularly lowers insulin resistance and reduces blood sugar. 

It boosts your brain 

Studies have shown that regular HIIT workouts can boost your memory and sharpen your decision-making capabilities. A study found that just six minutes of HIIT boosts the levels of a protein in the brain that’s involved in memory formation and learning. 

HIIT At FNO? Absolutely! 

There’s no way we’d forgo one of the best training methods around. And what better way to get your heart pumping than Drool & Drench, our HIIT workout with Lucky Fadzi and Matthew Stone? Amped for a night of non-stop action? Get your tickets to Fit Night Out right here

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