The Best Way To Tone Your Arms AND Butt At The Same Time

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Fitness

Short on time? You want to be as efficient as possible—and that goes for your workout routine, too. Which means every move should hit as many muscle groups as possible, to get the most bang for your fitness buck.

If two of your key toning zones are your arms and butt, the reverse lunge and curl, and reverse lunge with front raise are two double-duty exercises you should add to your arsenal. But when it comes down to these two moves, which one is really the most efficient?

The good news: Both moves will carve gorgeous arms and lift that booty, so the top of your priority list is taken care of. And in reality, you can’t go wrong in incorporating either of these into your workout, says Darin Hulslander, owner of This Is Performance personal training in Chicago. But if we *had* to chose, the better bang for your buck is the reverse and curl lunge.

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“The curl directly targets the biceps without receiving any help from other muscles, and because you have both the short and long biceps muscles working here, you can typically use more weight for this exercise,” Hulslander explains. Using more weight not only allows you to build more toned biceps, but it also provides more resistance for the hips and glutes, so they’re working harder on the lunges (read: more weight = a plumper peach).

The front raise, on the other hand, works a smaller, more isolated section of the shoulder, so it typically maxes out at a lighter resistance, thus providing less benefits to the booty. But don’t write this move off just yet—the lunge with front raise is still a super beneficial move.

“Raising the dumbbell in front as you lunge back provides a nice hip hinge and, since you’re pushing the hips back a bit more, this adds a bit of extra glute and butt work to the lunge,” Hulslander explains. He notes the front raise is also a great movement for shoulder health, because it uses the serratus anterior (which helps spread the ribs allowing you to breathe easier) to keep the shoulder blade stable. This helps improve postural health and thoracic spine mobility. Bonus: Well-defined front shoulders can make your waistlines look smaller.

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Try ‘em both:

Reverse Lunge And Curl

How to: Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides. Step back with your left leg, simultaneously curling the dumbbells toward your shoulders. Lower your hips until your right knee is bent 90 degrees. Push back up and lower the dumbbells. That’s one rep. Repeat on your right leg.

Reverse Lunge With Front Raise

How to: Hold a dumbbell with both hands at arm’s length in front of you, palms facing each other. Step backward with your left leg and lower your body into a lunge. At the same time, raise your arms straight in front of you until they’re parallel to the floor. Lower your arms and bring your left leg back to stand.

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