“Losing Over 30 Kilos Of Extra Weight Saved My Life”

by | May 10, 2016 | Weight Loss

Six years ago Magz Khomane’s weight was so out of control, at 115kg, that doctors were prescribing blood pressure medication. “The gain happened steadily as a result of bad lifestyle choices. For someone who’d had provincial colours in volleyball and done some modelling, I’d really let myself go.” But thanks to exercise – specifically boot camp – Magz did a complete 180 and today she’s six dress sizes slimmer, and healthier than she was 10 years ago. told her she had to start taking blood-pressure medication indefinitely or immediately lose a minimum of 20kg.

Before: 115kg
After: 70kg
Height: 1.7m
Time required to reach current weight: 2 years

The Gain

In 2006, Magz’s son was living on a cocktail of antibiotics: “He was sick all the time and suffered from febrile seizures.” Stressed to the max, Magz consumed large amounts of comfort food. By January last year, she weighed 115kg, had high blood pressure and was battling depression.

The Change

Magz found herself suffering from insomnia, migraines, joint pain and backache. She says: “I was moody, short-tempered and couldn’t look in the mirror – I disgusted myself.” A month later Magz’s doctor told her she had to start taking blood-pressure medication indefinitely or immediately lose a minimum of 20kg.

The Lifestyle

This health scare turned Magz into a fitness fanatic overnight. She joined AdventureBoot Camp and enrolled in a fiveday-a-week exercise programme. “The routines changed every day: some were heavy cardio sessions; others intense weight training workouts. Because the intensity increased every week, I never got bored,” she says. Within three months, Magz had lost 35kg; within a year, she’d shed 45kg. The former athlete altered her diet by trimming her portions, eliminating fizzy drinks and adding more lean protein, veggies and fibre-rich food.

The Reward

“Headaches and migraines are a thing of the past, and the only aches and pains I get are thanks to my personal trainer,” says a healthier, happier and more confident Magz, who now plays golf and is enjoying volleyball again. She’s still determined to reach her ideal weight: 65kg. “I buy myself smaller outfits to stay motivated,” she says.

Magz’s Tips

It’s not a diet. “If dieting is torture, change how you prepare your food. It can still taste good, but be healthy too.”

Don’t call it exercise. “Choose something you love and do it well.”

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