Makin’ Gains With Trojan

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Partnerships

Wanna get gains in 2024? It’s the small wins that add up! We’ve provided the workouts; now here’s the equipment to elevate your routine and get cracking on those fitness goals.

Trojan NBR Exercise Mat 10mm

A mat isn’t just essential for yoga flows and post-workout stretches. It’s also an ace tool for building strength when doing push-ups or other floor work. This mat is 10mm thick, providing traction and padding when getting down low.

Trojan Cable Jump Rope

From head to toe, skipping tones it all. And this rope, durable and able to handle speed skips, does it all.

The ergonomic grips are designed to ensure comfort and it also has built-in bearings in its handles, assisting with spin and making your session smoother.

Trojan Kettlebell 8kg

Kettlebells add resistance and an element of instability to your movements, since you’re forced to counteract that weight by stabilising your muscles, making them work even harder. These weights are versatile and can be used for whatever your workout calls for.

Trojan Stretch Massage Roller

When your muscles are sore post-workout, roll things out with this foam roller. It goes deep into hard-to-reach places (like your back) to sort out those painful niggles.

Trojan Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell 5kg

A weighted workout just isn’t complete without a set of dumbbells. These hexagonal-shaped ‘bells improve your grip, while helping you maintain control throughout your exercise.

Trojan Antiburst Body Ball

Not just for Pilates, you can use this ball to add some instability to your movements with pikes, planks and push-ups. It’s also ideal for stretching and building coordination. A must-have.

Trojan. For health and fitness equipment that delivers on its promises. Trojan is exclusively available in Makro and Game stores countrywide, or on their websites. Visit for more product information.

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