Meghan Markle’s Fave Post-Workout Shake Has Been Revealed

by | May 3, 2019 | Food & Nutrition

Whatever it is, Meghan Markle’s got it. So, naturally, we want what she’s having. Her favourite post-workout shake has been revealed, thanks to a past interview, so get blending the following ingredients, with added notes from nutritionist and naturopath, Jess Blair. Your drink probably won’t be served on a silver platter, though. Soz about that.

Half cup almond milk

Bonus: Almond Breeze Unsweetened is sugar free and contains fewer kilojoules than Almond Breeze Original.

“Low in fat, but high in protein and fibre. Watch out for added flavours, sugars and preservatives.”

Half cup frozen blueberries

“High in antioxidants and fibre; low in kilojoules.” Get them at your local supermarket in the frozen food section.

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Half cup coconut water

Raw C coconut water has no added sugars and is very low in natural sugar.

“Great for hydration and maintaining electrolyte levels. Look for 100-percent coconut water with no added sugar.”

1 tsp cinnamon

“Can improve sensitivity to insulin, a hormone that keeps our blood sugar levels balanced. It’s also great for keeping cravings at bay.” If you don’t have cinnamon in your kitchen, stock up – it’s so good for you and has so many uses. You’ll find it at your local supermarket.

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Sprinkle of chia seeds

An energy-boosting, anti-ageing superfood that's easy to digest and absorb.

“High in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium; super-high in fibre; a great source of omega-3.”

Protein powder of choice

This power-packed protein supplement is formulated to help improve muscle recovery, boost strength and endurance and reduce inflammation.

“Adding protein helps keep you fuller for longer.” Try Phyto Pro Thrive Lifestyle Protein.

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