5 Simple Eating Rules Melinda Bam Swears By

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Food & Nutrition

Melinda’s not about that strict diet life. These are her rules for healthy eating:

1/ Eat For Energy

“At this moment I eat a helluva lot just because I train very hard,” says Melinda. And true to her word, when we serve lunch after the shoot – a buffet of salads, veggies and grilled meat – she goes back for seconds. “So I’m very lucky that I can eat a lot of pastas and things now because I need to carbo-load a bit so that I‘ve got energy during the day.”

2/ Keep It Clean

“I love eating clean, so I love fresh salads, quinoa salads and steamed veg. And I love protein – whether it’s eggs, lean beef, chicken or fish.”

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3/ Eat A Bit Of Everything

“I’ve got a very balanced diet. I don’t follow a specific diet or cut out carbs or sugar. Everything in moderation – but the healthy kind of each.”

4/ Plan Your Meals And Snacks

“I’m always on the go and love snacking on biltong, nuts… And just whatever I have in the kitchen. Your food from last night can be the protein in a salad.”

5/ Never Be Hungry

“I eat five or six little meals a day. At least. I have a million-and-one tiny containers and I have three in the car at any time. So some of it’s got, like, two pieces of butternut with small pieces of chicken and that’s a quick bite so I’m never hungry.”

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