Would You Ride Your MTB From Cape Town To Pretoria?

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Fitness

Google Maps has this fun setting where you can check how long it would take to walk or cycle places. Sometimes I check it out, especially when traffic is bad and you could literally walk to your destination faster than you could drive there. But I’ve never thought of actually cycling the 1 700km up to Pretoria. And in 11 days. Hendrik Steytler, Deon Brink and Ivor Potgieter aren’t perturbed by this distance. They’re riding it with the goal of raising R1 million for Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels in their “Miles for a Million Tour”.

Miles for a Million Tour

If you don’t already know, Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels has been around for over a decade – and it’s been changing lives for just as long. Anyone who wants to make a difference can get involved, including you.

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The money raised through Good Morning Angels is used for those who really need it – whether it’s life-saving or life-changing: anything from medical procedures to rebuilding homes where disaster has struck, or simply getting a family back on their feet.

Because Hendrik, Deon and Ivor are really into their mountain biking, why not use their passion for something good? They took these sentiments to the next level in deciding to cross the distance to Pretoria on bikes, a trek called Miles For A Million.

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What it entails…

I once did a 24-hour cycle in which I covered 230km. The next day I was broken – and let’s not even talk about the tender nether regions. So imagine cycling, on average, 150km a day! The terrain will be a mix of road and dirt, but there will be hills for sure.

Their route began on Wednesday morning at the Commodore Hotel at the V&A Waterfront. From there, they headed through Milnerton, out to Wellington, then called it a day after the Gydo pass in Ceres – a hectic 2 229m of elevation.

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From there they’re heading through the Tankwa Karoo, Sutherland, Fraserburg, Carnavorn, Vosburg Town, Britstown, Potfontein, Petrusville, Van Der Kloof Dam, Luckhof, Koffiefontein, Petrusburg, Dealsville, Bultfontein, Wesselbron, Bothaville, Vredefort, Parys, Sandton and finally, The Big Red Barn in Irene. Just in time for the Jacaranda FM and Tracker’s Off the Beat ‘n Track MTB event on the 13 April…

Jacaranda FM and Tracker’s Off the Beat ‘n Track

That’s right, day 11 of the Miles For A Million is taking part at the Jacaranda FM and Tracker’s Off the Beat ‘n Track MTB event. These guys are slightly crazy, but it’s all for a great cause! All I can say is at least they have a choice of distances at this event, which promises to be vibey and fun.

Taking place at the Big Red Barn in Irene, the MTB event offers a bit of something for everyone. There are race options for kids ages two to 13, beginners, intermediate and technical. And if cycling isn’t your thing, there’s a music festival featuring Rubber Duc, Lloyd Cele and DJ Jazzy D. The 50km distance is a timed and seeded event for those taking it seriously.

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If you are pulling through for this awesome event, be sure to say a huge well done to Hendrik, Deon and Ivor. Can’t make it? You can still support Miles for a Million by sponsoring a kilometre, or a bunch of kilometres. To follow their progress and donate to this worthy cause, click here.

Enter the Jacaranda FM and Tracker’s Off the Beat ‘n Track MTB event to welcome these heroes home. Click here to enter. 

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