These Are The Most Commonly Asked Nutrition Questions For A Reason

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Food & Nutrition

Got nutrition questions? Well, they’ll probably be covered here. These are the things women ask a lot – and the answers from a nutritionist.

How much should I eat to lose weight, but also have the energy to work out?

There’s a fine line between eating for energy and muscle recovery and eating to drop body fat. Weight loss will be a byproduct if you’re burning energy at the gym, but shouldn’t necessarily be your goal over fitness, strength or endurance. “People think if they exercise more, they’ll lose more weight,” says nutritionist Filip Koidis. “But its effect on weight loss is minimal as humans have a variety of adaptive and compensatory mechanisms to make up for the energy burnt in the gym. Your exercise recovery goals should include a good night’s sleep, a balanced meal consisting of all three macronutrients and rehydration.”

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I’m confused – do I try Paleo, Keto, a detox or a juice cleanse? Help!

Don’t get caught up in fads. Clear confusion by taking a step back and looking at a wellness approach that suits your body type, golas and lifestyle. A nutritionist or dietician can help you figure this out. “It’s important that changes you make are realistic and sustainable rather than short-term fixes,” says Koidis “The key to a healthy lifestyle lies in individuality – what’s healthy for a celebrity or friend isn’t necessarily right for you. Make a note of how your body reacts after foods that you eat.”

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I always ace healthy eating for a day or two then fall off the wagon. Why?

People need support and accountability in reaching goals. Whether it’s from a nutrition expert, a support group or a friend, locking in regular update sessions will provide vital support and encouragement while keeping you on track. Going it alone? Have a clear vision of yourself looking fit and healthy. Imagine yourself feeling the way you’d feel and appreciating your healthy body. Do this every time you falter and your will power will become stronger.

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