“I Took Ownership Of The Number On The Scale And Lost Weight”

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Weight Loss

Trading in extra kilos for muscle sparked a new, healthy lifestyle for Pebbles – and rocketed her self-esteem to new heights. “I made a series of choices on a daily basis that kicked up my weight loss. I’m more confident, I look better in my clothes and have heaps more energy,” she says.

Before: 69kg
After: 59kg

The Gain

Pebbles had never had a problem keeping her weight stable. But juggling being a performer, a mother and a businesswoman finally caught up with her, and her 1.65m frame paid the price–a 69kg price, to be exact. “I gradually became a whale. I ate fast food, indulged in chocolate éclairs and crisps and drank lots of cider.”

The Change

At her heaviest, Pebbles lacked energy and struggled to sleep. She didn’t like the way she looked – or felt. “I was heavy. clothes didn’t fit. The old adage ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ gnawed away at me,” says Pebbles. Determined to adopt this mantra, she vowed to take control of the scale.

The Lifestyle

“I started with a two-kilometre walk, which, over the course of a month, gradually increased to a four-kilometre walk/run. then I began the Women’s Health Total Body Workout, which consisted of three parts: cardio, strength and toning, and an abs workout.” She started seeing results within two months, and while persisting with her training, she also focused on her diet. “I eliminated fast food like burgers and crumbed chicken, swapping it out with fruit and salads. I also started to eat more frequently – instead of one big meal a day, I’d opt for five or six small meals.”


The Reward

Today Pebbles is two jeans sizes smaller. By eating correctly and exercising, not only does she look healthy, she feels healthy too. “I have loads of energy, my brain functions optimally, I sleep better and people have commented on how good I look.”

Pebbles’ Tips

Leave it. “Don’t buy food that will tempt you to make bad choices.”

Push yourself. “I exercise at least five times a week.”

Drink often. “I set a reminder to drink a glass of water every two hours.”

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