“Lost 48 Kilos And Still Eat Cheat Meals – Here’s How”

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Weight Loss

This woman dropped an astounding 48kg – and still managed to enjoy her food! Hello, cheat meals! The secret? It’s actually so simple, you’ll gasp. Just follow the 80/20 rule and watch the love handles dissolve. Here’s how to lose the weight you hate…


Precious Rashalaha-Mongalo, 32, Johannesburg

Occupation: Businesswoman and student

Height: 1.62m

Weight before: 118kg

Weight after: 70kg

Time taken to lose weight: 2 years and 6 months

Secret weapon: 80/20 rule (80 percent healthy eating, 20 percent cheat) and drinking enough water

“It feels good to fit into clothes and not worry about love handles popping out!”

Life has so much to offer, but when it comes to staying in shape, there can be such a thing as enjoying the good things a bit too much. Meet Precious, whose love of food eventually presented her with one of the biggest challenges of her life: losing almost 50kg. How did she do it? “You need patience, perseverance and commitment,” says Precious.

The gain

Growing up, Precious played a lot of street soccer with her brother and friends, and participated in athletics and softball at school. Her weight issues only began when she had children – Precious admits that her weakest link was baked goods… Cakes, scones, pies and biscuits. Her beloved “cookie jar” was never empty.

The change

What Precious saw in the mirror in November 2013 wasn’t a picture she liked. “I didn’t like the person I saw; I was so embarrassed,” she says. She realised how quickly she was ageing and how her health was deteriorating as she steadily piled on weight. Precious was diagnosed with hypertension and was put on medication. It was the thought of her children that drove her to make big health changes.

The lifestyle

Knowledge is power, and Precious started schooling herself on what she was doing wrong in terms of eating. “I did research to understand food,” she says. “I taught myself about carbs and healthy portion sizes.” Armed with this knowledge, Precious shifted from very high-carb meals to eating lots of veggies – mostly the green leafy type – with lean proteins and fruit. She hit the gym and started doing aerobic exercise. Now, Precious trains at home regularly using workout DVDs and fitness magazines, and runs with her husband. You can Cheat Right, Lose Weight.

The reward

“I feel healthier now and my hypertension medication has even been reduced,” says Precious, who, over the course of two-and-a-half years, has dropped from a size 44 to 34. Her belly and love handles are also history – Precious now rocks jeans, lingerie and swimwear. Inspired? How An Emotional Eater Lost 12kg!

Precious’ tips

1. Do it on the cheap. “Losing weight doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t need costly gym memberships to get moving.”

2. Keep the end in mind. “Embark on this journey for yourself, and make sure you’re mentally and physically ready. You might lose focus but don’t lose hope – remember your goal!”

3. It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom on your plate. “Enjoy food! Don’t starve yourself and try new healthy recipes.” (Would you rather avoid the cheat altogether? A Clever Trick To Stop You Cheat Eating.)

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