18 Ways To Wear One Of This Season’s Hottest Items: The Puffer Jacket

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Style

With winter weather approaching, staying under the covers is on everyone’s mind. But what if taking your duvet everywhere wasn’t frowned upon? Or if you could sit behind your desk in a sleeping bag? These are just some of the things you may very well do with this season’s key item: the puffer jacket. Team WH took it upon themselves to style these portable cocoons.

The task

Each team member picked a different puffer each day and styled them. The bold colours and voluminous shapes of the puffer selection from H&M created great excitement – but elation soon turned to fear on realising how overwhelming it is to dress up such large swathes of fabric. Here’s how we tackled them.

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Day 1


“I took a leaf (actually, several) from Fashion Week, where everyone wore puffers to brave the New York blizzards… In essence, I tried to wear a great outfit in spite of the massive jacket, not because of it. For the first look, I paired a flowy black skirt with ankle boots and let the shiny jacket elevate the vibe and enrobe me like the Royal Highness I am.” – Michelle October (junior writer, pictured centre)

Day 2


“The walk from the car to the gym early in the morning, long before sunrise, is freezing. But I don’t feel like wearing several layers only to take most of them off as soon as I get inside. The calf-length puffer was the perfect top layer to swaddle myself in, with just a crop and tights underneath. And, unlike a coat, it can totally be bundled up in a locker.” – Wanita Nicol (deputy editor, pictured far left)

Day 3


“Because this puffer was longer and covered up a lot of me, I wanted to highlight my figure so I didn’t look completely shapeless. I wore a tight crop top and high-rise culottes that accented my waist. I also opted for a pair of Vans to give the look more of a street edge. I liked this look, but in future, I might wear a longer pair of pants.” – Leigh Champanis-King (senior copy editor, pictured far left)

The verdict

Our editor, Danielle Weakley, had some serious misgivings about the puffer. “I believe puffers were created for hikers and grouping up on the sidelines of early morning sports matches, so I am no puffer-for-errrrthing gal. Challenge accepted. I set out to prove myself wrong – that with the right puffer and a longer-length, I could wear the downy coat with my usual work wear and not feel like I was cosseted in a sleeping bag,” she says.

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“Such is the immense popularity of the puffer this winter that it has been fashioned up, so you’ll find cool collars, embellishments, colours and pocket details. A matte khaki with a killer cowl collar made this task much easier for me, but it is still just a puffer and I remain unconvinced that there’s any point in pretending it’s more glamorous than it is… Stick to the sporty versions, especially a thin, navy one that can be layered underneath a tailored coat for additional warmth. That would be my take. And it is a winner!” – Danielle Weakley (editor)

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