Introducing The PUMA Velocity NITRO™ 3 – Your Perfect Training Partner

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Partnerships

PUMA is about to transform your run with the highly-anticipated Velocity NITRO™ 3. Poised as the ideal training partner, this latest innovation in the Velocity franchise guarantees an upgraded running experience.

Fuelled by NITRO™

What makes it stand out? The advanced dual foam technology featuring PUMA’s NITROFOAM™— a nitrogen-infused foam technology that provides explosive energy—combined with PROFOAMLITE, delivers a fusion of superior cushioning, comfort and adaptability, ensuring optimal performance across various distances.

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Move Forward With Tech

The meticulously crafted upper showcases a breathable mesh construction, strategically lined with bespoke PWRTAPE for targeted support and structural reinforcement in high-stress areas. Complementing this, the rolled collar, fortified with foam, enhances both comfort and fit for a seamless running experience.

Worried about traction? Fear not. The PUMAGRIP outsole is engineered for maximum, multi-surface traction, instilling confidence in every stride you take.

Built To Last

In terms of aesthetics, the Velocity NITRO™ 3 presents a futuristic design with a durable Psychedelic Rush colourway. Enhanced by an elevated black and silver PUMA formstrip, the predominantly white midsole not only contributes to the shoe’s visual appeal but also ensures visibility as you embark on your smoothest running journey.

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Velocity NITRO™ 3 Specifications

  • Weight: 264g
  • Stack Height: 36mm
  • Drop: 10mm
  • Lifespan: 800km

Mark your calendars! The Velocity NITRO™ 3 Psychedelic Rush is set to hit shelves from 9 February 2024 and available for purchase on, in PUMA Retail stores, Totalsports and key running retailers.

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