8 Reasons Why You Need Our Jan/Feb 2024 Issue

by | Jan 1, 2024 | Cover Star

We hope that you love a #FreshStart as much as we do because our January/February 2024 issue is a labour of love meant to ease you into whatever new beginning you’re gearing up for – whether now or later in the year. From fitness and mental health to healthy eating and skincare, there’s sooooo much content to support all your new efforts!

In the words of our editor Gotlhokwang Angoma-Mzini: “The sign of living a fruitful life is always having new experiences that allow you to gain a deeper knowledge of yourself. Remarkable growth comes from constantly stopping and tweaking things along the way.”

Here’s what our latest issue of Women’s Health SA has in store for you!

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Natasha Joubert on the cover of Women's Health Jan/Feb Issue 2024

1. Miss SA Natasha Joubert’s Great Comeback

All great comeback stories often start with the main character falling and getting up – and pushing and pulling relentlessly behind the scenes. Our January/February 2024 cover star, Miss SA 2023 Natasha Joubert, embodies our Beginner’s Issue theme very well – in fact, TOO WELL!

Her story serves as a reminder of the many pit stops that await us on the road to greatness. Catch her story on page 74. 

Women's Health January/February 2024 issue

2. The 411 On Healthy Fat Loss

It’s time we debunked myths and set the record straight on losing fat the healthy way. Every confusion (we hope!) you’ve ever had will be cleared by the experts interviewed in this feature. Head over to page 32 for all the facts.

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Women's Health January/February 2024 issue

3. Let Your Inner Child Play Some More (No Curfew Imposed, Please!)

You’ve probably seen or heard all about ‘inner child work’ on social media or when your therapist asked: “What happened to you as a child?” That’s because, whether we like it or not, our past experiences inform our adult emotions and mental health states. In this feature, we teach you how to literally go back to the drawing board in order to let your best adult self thrive- finally!

Women's Health January/February 2024 issue

4. Why Water Is Your Hair’s Best Friend

Knowing your hair’s porosity (i.e. your hair’s relationship with water) says a LOT about your hair and will inform how best to take care of it. Scientific insights, tips, tools and products await on page 50. Here’s to hair that literally turns heads!

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Women's Health January/February 2024 issue

5. Around Here, We’re Breaking Bad Habits!

Whether it’s grinding your teeth or scrolling mindlessly through social media, we all have those bad habits that we want nothing more than to cut ties with. Don’t fret because anything that’s learnt can definitely be unlearnt! You’ll find expert-approved insights to help you break those iffy patterns standing between you and greatness!

Women's Health January/February 2024 issue

6. Cheers To Healing Thoroughly!

The idea that closure is something we get from others is as outdated platform heels, basically! Our brains go on a wild goose chase when they can’t make sense of a traumatic event, little knowing that closure is something only we can give to ourselves. And that’s because learning from our mistakes keeps us safe and further motivates us to get to the bottom of things, according to psychology professor Joanne Davila. In short: Your ex will not resurface out of nowhere to explain why they ghosted you all those many years ago! Head to page 72 for more!

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Women's Health January/February 2024 issue

7. Spend Your Energy Wisely

“A big part of what being healthy means is being able to regulate energy flow,” says Dr Martin Picard, a mitochondrial psychobiologist at Columbia University Irving Medical Centre.

Learn how to expend and preserve your energy from dusk to dawn, as well as those foods that sap your energy instantly. More on page 96. 

Women's Health January/February 2024 issue

8. Mental Health Lessons Inspired By GenZ’ers

Where physical and mental health matters are concerned, we could all learn a thing or two from GenZ’ers. Bluntly put, they don’t f*** around where their wellbeing is concerned. Here, we’ve broken down six Genz-inspired lessons that will help you prioritise yourself. Page 104 is where the magic’s at!

Remember…It’s never too late for a fresh start. Find the January/February 2024 issue of Women’s Health on shelves now, or buy yourself a digital copy. Happy reading!

Women's Health January/February 2024 issue

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