7 Reasons Why We Think The March/April 2024 Issue Might Just Change Your Life

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Cover Star

The time for wishing you had more hours in a day may be over. Why? Whether you’re cooking, exercising, planning your work hours, strategising on how to dress stylishly for less or choosing cost-effective kick-ass beauty products (over expensive ones), we’ve rounded up as many tips from as many areas of your life as possible to help you save time – and rather use it where it’s most needed.

“Make sure that all that time saved is spent on quality activities with people who bring you joy. Quality beats quantity, so enjoy every second, minute and hour of whatever you get up to out there,” says our editor Gotlhokwang Angoma-Mzini.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the insightful content that lives on the pages of our well-curated March/April 2024 edition.

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Women’s Health March /April 2024

1. A Water-Loving Cover Girl

March/April 2024 cover star and American actress Sydney Sweeney is a water girl through and through! In this issue, she unpacks her connection with water (sport) and how that’s served as a grounding force that has spilled over into other aspects of her life. Her aim: to continue crafting a life rooted in life’s simplest pleasures! We invite you to be inspired.

Women’s Health March /April 2024

2. Quick Health Tests

We’ve rounded up a few tests that could reveal some really surprising insights about your health and longevity. The best part? They take 15 mins max and you can carry them out in the comfort of your home before consulting your GP for confirmation.

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Women’s Health March/April 2024

3. Time Verus Effort

Where fitness is concerned, the old age argument always pops up – should you be increasing the hours or your efforts? On page 30, experts give answers into what exactly your fitness regimen should comprise of. Plus, check out the quick, head-to-toe moves dispersed throughout this issue!

Women’s Health March /April 2024

4. Smash Those Goals Against All Odds

Waiting for the perfect time before launching that business or taking that solo holiday? Well, Move Mountains (pg 57) is here to remind you that, firstly, there’s no such thing as the perfect moment. Secondly, this excuse-busting guide will help you find the motivation even under the murkiest of conditions.

Women’s Health March /April 2024

5. 15-Step Plan For Caring For Your Finances (Once And For All)

Personal finance is the latest area to undergo a serious wellness treatment, thanks to growing research that scrutinises how effective money management leads to better mental health maintenance. Get ready for your money matters to be turned on their head.

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Women’s Health March /April 2024

6. This Season’s Best Cossies

March and April are synonymous with lots of public holidays that can easily be turned into (extended) long weekends. So, no matter where roads lead this Easter season, we have a swimsuit idea for every body and concern. We went with bathing combos that offer something for everyone because…(*drum roll*) we want you to make a splash on arrival.

Women’s Health March /April 2024

7. First Quarter Reset, Anyone?

Whether it’s a quick trip to the next town, a staycation or a long-haul getaway to some remote corner of the world, a getaway’s purpose is to give you a fresh burst of energy – especially if your itinerary featured lots of outdoor activities. We’ve compiled experiences and travel takes that’ll inspire you to pack up and treat yourself to an inspiring excursion.

Remember…It’s never too late for a fresh start. Find the March/April 2024 issue of Women’s Health on shelves now, or buy yourself a digital copy. Happy reading!

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