This Is A Self-Defence Move Every Runner Should Know

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Life

Running is great stress relief because you can put your earphones in, block out the world and zone out for a few precious moments of alone time. Unfortunately, as a runner, that could also make you vulnerable to would-be attackers. If someone confronts you and demands your phone or valuables, hand them over – no phone is as valuable as your life. But if an attacker surprises you from behind and tries to carry you off, you need to fight. If he’s trying to take you to a second crime scene, you’re in big trouble and your life is very likely in danger. Etienne Ferreira, owner and trainer at Truekrav, suggests this strategy for getting out of the situation.

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1/ Act immediately.

You need to move while the attack is still in progress. Don’t wait until he has the situation under control, because he’ll be calmer and better able to think of a way to subdue you.

2/ Don’t try to resist the attack.

Chances are, your attacker is bigger and stronger than you. If you try to pull away, you’ll be off balance and he’ll use that to his advantage, picking you up and dragging you with him. Instead, spin towards him, using the momentum of his own movement against him.

Watch a video demo of the move…


3/ Don’t create space.

Your instinct may be to put as much distance between the attacker and yourself as possible. But this will make it easier for him to fight back. Instead, hold him close and kick his groin hard and repeatedly, moving him backwards. This will throw him off balance.

4/ Take him down.

Once he’s on the back foot, hammer the back of his neck and force him onto the ground. You can finish off with another couple of kicks to make sure he doesn’t follow when you run away.

5/ Get help.

Don’t run home – if he was following, he’ll see where you live. Instead, run to a crowded area like a shopping centre or petrol station, and call for help.

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