Samsung Watch5 and Watch5 Pro supports your health to better track wellness goals

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This is the time of the year to evaluate 2022 and to set your sights on how you plan to get the most out of 2023. Setting wellness goals is an essential part of anyone’s life, it is a way to improve one’s life holistically and create a worthwhile life balanceSamsung has seen a growing desire for people to better understand their physical and mental wellbeing, thanks to new habits, routines and interests formed over the last few years. In response, Samsung has amplified its wellness capabilities.

The Galaxy Watch5 series offers health enthusiasts fundamental features for fitness and health tracking, plus route planning and sharing. Also, the newest addition to the Galaxy Watch line-up, Galaxy Watch5 Pro offers a customisable iconic design, and it is built with premium materials to make it Samsung’s most durable and feature-packed watch yet, designed to meet the rigorous demands of the most female, active users and outdoor enthusiasts. This new series is set to redefine digital health and wellness for everyone.

The Tech

Samsung’s BioActive Sensor is the unsung hero of the Galaxy Watch5 series and the foundational technology driving the next era of digital health sensing. The Galaxy Watch5 series offers stylish, yet durable designs across both devices. As a woman who prioritises your fitness and overall wellness – you’ll worry less about battery life, scratches or security – you can now focus more on your everyday goals.

The Galaxy Watch5 is equipped with a 13% larger battery capacity, which supports 40 hours of battery life. When you’re in need of a quick charge, you can gain up to 45% of additional battery life with just 30 minutes of charging, thanks to 30% faster charging. And for those who need a larger capacity of battery life, Galaxy Watch5 Pro comes with the biggest battery yet in the Galaxy Watch series, lasting twice as long compared to its predecessor.  

If you’re looking for comprehensive and end-to-end personalised wellness experiences – look no further. The new Watch5 and Watch5 Pro are both featuring a fluid design that champions customisation, connectivity and holistic health optimisation. Get holistic health experiences from watches that know you better.

Sleep More, Stress Less

These smartwatches will give you a wide range of end-to-end health metrics, including sleep monitoring and body composition measurement, while the cutting-edge BioActive sensor technology provides in-depth monitoring of your heart rate, blood oxygen and even your stress levels. 

And, with enhanced performance that optimises the advanced health features, fitness fanatics can now seamlessly scroll and multitask smoothly and effortlessly. Even comfort is optimised, so users can wear the Watch5 anytime and anywhere, whether camping in the woods or camped out on the couch. And, with a wider variety of straps and coordinating watch faces, the Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro can be tailored to suit your style.

To get your hands on the Watch5 series – you can now access it through all Samsung stores and participating retailers nationwide. The Galaxy Watch5 comes in two different sizes, the 40mm version which retails from R 5999 and the 44mm type which retails from R6 499. The Watch5 Pro is available from R11 999.

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