This App Will Save You Time And Motivate You To Eat Healthier

by | May 3, 2019 | Food & Nutrition

I’m all about time-saving hacks that help make my life easier.

If you’re like me, you’re basically always running late. Between getting your sweat sessions in, having a demanding job AND still trying to live your healthiest best life, it’s a bit of a jungle out there. The first thing that usually gets compromised is what you put in your body. Often it’s quicker to just grab something like a chocolate bar than wait for a pot of oats to be made or a delicious wrap. The problem is, eating unhealthily will only leave you feeling more lethargic, making that to-do list seem unachievable.

So this week I downloaded and tested the new KAUAI app to see if it could actually help save me time and keep me on the healthy food wagon. It did.

How the app saves you time

What’s great about how the app works, is that it lets you place your order ahead of time. This means that you can simply run in and collect your food, avoiding queues, ordering time, waiting for the card machine… You name it. What is usually a 15-minute process. So let me take you through three examples of how this worked for me…

At the gym:

Selected Virgin Active gyms have KAUAI stores in them. You can place your order just before you start your workout, selecting the time-frame that would match your workout so that you can literally pick your food up on the way out. This could be for an hour’s time, 40 minutes, 30 minutes… And so on. Your bank card will already be linked to the app, so the payment goes through automatically. I recommend finishing your workout and placing your order on your phone before you hit the showers. Select the 10-20 minute options (i.e you’re on your way) and then simply pick up your order when you’re all freshened up.

Run on the promenade:

I went for a jog along the Sea Point and Camps Bay promenade on the weekend, but I knew I didn’t have enough time to prep lunch and get the rest of my admin sorted. I was helping friends pack up their house. So instead of stressing, I pre-ordered lunch for us at a designated time. Traffic was bad – as it always is in Camps Bay on a Sunday afternoon. My partner was driving so I just hopped out, skipped the queues and collected the food and hopped back in the car in under a minute. We had delicious crunchy salads and fresh juices to help keep us energised through the packing.

Post-yoga on my way to work:

I can walk from my yoga studio to the office in the mornings. There also happens to be a KAUAI on the way. However, my class finishes at 8.30, it’s a scramble to get to the office by 9. I pre-ordered a coffee and Mexican breakfast pot as soon as class was done. I then quickly jumped in the shower and headed over to the store. My order was ready and waiting and I got to walk the rest of the way to work with a fresh coffee in hand. The breakfast is easy enough to munch at your desk so I wasn’t left starving through my morning meetings.

Here’s how the KAUAI app works

The below image illustrates screenshots of the simple ordering process. The first part shows all the options you have on the app. You can, for example, send KAUAI credit to your child’s phone to ensure they are at least getting healthier options for lunch than another take-away store. You can also order catering for events, find special offers and keep track of your orders.

On the home screen I would select to “order ahead”, then choose my meal option as illustrated by the Thai Crunch salad and then simply add to cart and check out. The store will then receive your message and confirm that your order is being prepped in app and you will receive a message notification.

I tested the efficiency of the ordering process by adding some special requests. When I’ve used third-party delivery-service apps in the past, restaurants would often not see my dietary requirements. This always meant an order and then a follow-up phone call to check and then hope. When I got to the KAUAI store after my yoga class, they had my cappuccino with almond milk correct and had removed the feta from my breakfast pot. Smiles all round!

For information on the app and to check out KAUAI’s healthy menu options, click here.

Another bonus? You can earn loyalty points and get cash back without having to remember things like a pesky coffee card.

The Kauai app is the first app in South Africa to combine the order-ahead and pay-in-the-app feature with a loyalty and rewards programme. When using the app, you can get 2% instant cash back on all purchases, plus you’ll receive loyalty points. These loyalty points then push you up into tiers. Your tier status (Green tier, Gold tier and Black tier) lets you earn rewards, including products and exclusive invitations to Kauai events. Totally worth it!

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