These Self-Defence Classes In SA Will Help You Fight Back — And Survive

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In South Africa, two in every three women are murdered, raped or violated. So knowing what to do in a situation where your safety is compromised could save your life. Enter self-defence…

We’re constantly reminded to be vigilant and prepared while doing our daily tasks. But do we know how to go about getting the necessary skills? Probably not. That’s why we’ve rounded up three self-defence classes you should seriously think about attending. Because, as they say, attack is the best form of defence.


Truekrav is an independent studio that provides legit combat training. Members receive psychological and physical coaching to survive an attack by a criminal or terrorist IRL. What’s really cool about them is that they provide unarmed training that deals with hand-to-hand situations, knife stabs and slashes, being held at gunpoint, handgun disarms, rifle disarms and disarming of an attacker who uses a baton, bat, stick, club, screwdriver, bottle etc.

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To fit the South African crisis, they also cover rape-defence and hijacking, as well as kidnapping and hostage situations. They’re located at the corner of Roeland and De Villiers Streets, Gardens. For more info, call +27 83 304 1981 or email

Elite Defence Academy

If you’re looking to get military-style training, then head to Elite Defence Academy. With their Krav Maga classes, seminars and workshops, self-defence classes and personal training, you’ll be prepared – if not untouchable! They’re very aware of the threats faced by ordinary women on a daily basis, and bonus: they’re offering “SA Women Fight Back” workshops nationwide in October. You’ll find the CT branch at the Leibrandt Van Niekerk Community Hall. Call 083 703 1455 for more info.

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Cape Town Self-Defence Institute

The Cape Town Self Defence Institute offers an impressive display of martial arts. Think: Kajukenbo, the Ronin Silat method, the Piper Knife Fighting system, Streetwise Fighting Systems International and Doce Pares SA. All Greek? Basically, you’ll learn how to fight with and without weapons in any situation. Find them at the 1st Claremont Scout Hall, 17 Bowwood Road or call 082 456 4787.

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Pretty Tough 

Pretty Tough, based in Benoni, offers all-round general self-defence training. The course covers an intro into self-defence, teaching of basic strikes, blocks and deflections, plus locks and escapes, ground survival, anti-rape and anti-abduction techniques and hijack protocol. Bonus: They also offer self-defence training for kids and an exercise programme that incorporates the learnt moves, drills and scenarios. You’ll find them at 10 Kipling Road, Farrarmere, Benoni. Call 087 803 1033 for more info.

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Chinese Martial Arts And Health Centre

Chinese Martial Arts And Health Centre offers a tactical Kung Fu training programme that gives you the opportunity to learn practical self-defence with the focus on knife, unarmed and gun attacks, plus defences. Find them on 67 10th Street, Parkhurst, Joburg, or call 082 568 0240.

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C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Johannesburg

The Cobra team will have you participating in scenario training and drills and learning how to handle a real-life attack or dangerous situation. It’s a “non-martial arts system”, best described as a police academy for civilians. (FYI: It was created in the US by a former sheriff and martial arts expert.) Find them at Rivonia Medical Centre, Fourways, Joburg, or call 011 465 8525.

Primal GYM

Primal Gym in Rosebank dishes up self-defence training and a street survival system focused on empty-hand and armed combat. Trainees learn how to fight and defend themselves in all potentially dangerous situations. Primal Gym is located at The Zone, 177 Oxford Road, Rosebank, Joburg. Call them on 011 880 1694.

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