“I Have Almost 20 Sex Toys In My Cupboard — Here Are The Three I Always Use”

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Sex & Love

I know. It’s a lot of sex toys. But I’m a sex editor and it’s a perk of the job. And it really is a perk because I’ve been able to try out a wide variety of toys to see what works best for me and my body. So, despite the large number of toys I have packed away in my cupboard, I have three favourite sex toys that I use almost all the time. Here they are…

Sex Toys

BS Atelier Green Apple G-Spot Dildo

Made from silicone, this dildo is phthalate and latex free and super flexible. It has a beautiful curve that makes it perfect for G-spot stimulation (and prostate stimulation!) and from its wide base it tapers to a lifelike tip. It’s easy to clean, easy to use and it’s harness-compatible if you want to engage in some hands-free girl-on-girl fun. Of course, it’s also waterproof, so you can head to O-town in the water.

So What’s This Sex Toy Like?

“What I immediately loved about this sex toy is its vibrant, green colour. I’ve always loved BS Atelier’s range of dildos – they’re bright, colourful and quirky, which I think is really cool. Sometimes sex toys can look so intimidating with their harsh colours, weird shapes and myriad buttons. These sex toys are stylish, clean-cut and inviting – I couldn’t wait to try it out.

“To be honest, I’ve always been a bit sceptical about the efficacy of a dildo. They don’t vibrate and some (like this one) don’t have any ridges – how on earth can it make you orgasm? Well, suffice to say it definitely can. With a little bit of movement from you, this toy is more than capable of getting you off. With the help of a good lubricant, it slides right in and its wide base creates a feeling of fullness where it counts. The tip is relatively small (compared to other toys), so there weren’t any problems with getting started.”

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Sex toys

Svakom Vesper Dual Motor Warming Vibrator

This baby warms up to a continuous and cosy 38˚C, which simulates a person’s body temperature and gives a more real sexual experience. It also has a unique V-shape design with two shafts – one for your G-spot and one for your clitoris. It’s super flexible so it can mould to fit your body for a more authentic feel and it has two motors, one in each shaft, to stimulate you clitoris and G-spot simultaneously.

This vibrator has 11 vibrating modes to choose from and the indicator button will change colour depending on the function you’ve picked. It’s also waterproof, USB-rechargeable and it’s made from eco-friendly materials.

So What’s This Sex Toy Like?

“I love that the Vesper is quite compact and fits snugly in my hand and that it’s really soft and flexible. The heating function surprised me when I first heard what the Vesper could do, but when I thought about it, it made so much sense…

“The temperature is meant to mimic body temperature, so, once heated, it doesn’t feel hot at all, just pleasantly warm. And once I got going with it, it was really nice not having that slightly off-putting cold sensation when the sex toy touched my skin. There are 11 different vibrating modes, which vary quite a lot and I quickly found one that suits me.”

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Sex toys

SToys Cynthia Vibrator

This sex toy is 14cm long and three centimetres wide, so it’s not too intimidating for first-timers and it has 12 speeds, so there’ll be something for everyone. It also features subtle ridges to provide extra stimulation and it has an angled head that’s perfect for focusing on your G-spot.

Not in the mood for penetrative play? Simply use Cynthia as a clitoral vibrator. And the really great thing about Cynthia is that she’s super affordable (R595).

So What’s This Sex Toy Like?

“It’s a great size – not too big (scary) and not too small (pointless). The ridges look a bit intense, but when I remove it from the packaging, I see that they’re soft and not as rigid as they look. The sex toy is super easy to use – it only has one button, so you can’t really mess things up.

“Once things get going (always use a good, water-based lubricant to make things easier and more pleasurable), the vibrations are so great that you don’t really need to move anything around too much. To be honest, I didn’t get past the first few speeds – I quickly found the setting that worked for me and I didn’t need to explore beyond that. The ridges are also cool and add some exciting extra feeling (they definitely aren’t too rigid).

“A great bonus is that Cynthia is waterproof so you can take her into the bathroom if you’re looking for a more exciting bath. The one downside is that it’s powered by two AA batteries, so you can’t recharge. Not a bad thing if you’re always prepared with extra batteries, but a bit inconvenient if you’re rearing to go and find yourself powerless. But it’s a small sacrifice considering that saving you’re making on the price.”

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