6 Sex Positions He Secretly Loves, But Won’t Tell You About

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Sex & Love

Photograph by teksomolika/Freepik

Can you guess what they are?

Sometimes men aren’t quite as free-talking as women when it comes to what they want. And this goes for sex too. So, instead of sticking to what you know, why not heat things up with a few moves he might not have mentioned — but which we happen to know he loves. Because we have access to legit research on these things. Wink.

His Fave Sex Positions Revealed…

You probably know what sex positions are most likely to send you over the edge, but can you guess his? We did some research and found six of his ultimate moves from The Women’s Health Little Book of Sex. Go on – put a smile on his face by giving these sex positions a spin…

1. Stand And Deliver

Best for standing front entry…

2. Standing tiger, crouching dragon

Best for standing rear-entry…

3. Mountain climber

Best position for man-on-top…

4. David Copperfield

Best position for oral sex…

5. Butter churner

Best position for squatting…

6. The Flat Iron

Best position for kneeling…

Here are the three things your guy wants to do in bed… but will never ask for. Plus: The one thing 72 percent of women need to have amazing sex.

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