“I Went From Having A Two-Pack To A Six-Pack — Here’s How”

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Fitness

Bonolo Mahlangu is a self-proclaimed fitness freak… And after scrolling through her Instagram, we totally believe her. It’s a page oozing with exercise, health and a whole lot of body confidence.

Bonolo’s Journey

Bonolo is not newly acquainted with fitness. “I’ve always been a sporty person. Back in school, I played netball and I ran – relays and long distance,” she says. But she wasn’t as clued up when it came to the nutritional side of things. “I ate whatever, whenever. More often than not, I’d skip breakfast just to keep my stomach flat,” she adds.

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With all that working out, though, Bonolo admits that she still lacked self-confidence. Until she discovered gym life… Fast-forward to 2015: “I slowly re-introduced fitness into my life. In 2016, I got vigorously back into it – I was on a mission. Gym helped me build my confidence and become comfortable in my own skin.”

Her Diet

After schooling herself in healthy eating, Bonolo made a few adjustments to her own diet. “Now I kickstart my mornings with an energising tea. Thirty minutes later I’ll have a protein shake, which helps me gain muscle. I eat every other hour and snack on fruit, rice cakes, biltong and cucumber,” she says.

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The Lifestyle

It’s all about discipline. “It’s not easy. There are days where you don’t feel like eating healthily or hitting the gym – but that’s why you have to remember why you started and keep moving. I always say the ultimate goal is being comfortable in your own skin – that was what drove me.”

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In between a hectic work schedule, Bonolo attends gym religiously, where she focuses on heavy lifting and her favourite ab workouts, all the while maintaining healthy food habits. The result? An incredible body transformation. “I went from having a two-pack to a six-pack. I put on weight in all the right places – and went up from 52 to 60kg!” she says.

Cool Fun Facts About Bonolo:

– She always has headphones (Ed: Check out these cute Jazz Series earphones, R29.99 at MrP Sport), a notebook and a pen in her gym bag.

– She loves working her abs.

– She’s inspired by Nicci.

– Her cheat meal is a Kota (bunny chow).

– Her favourite gym gear is perfectly-fitting leggings. (Ed: We’re all over full-length Dri Sport Leggings, R179.99 at MrP Sport, or try out a pair of New Balance beauties, R499 at Spree.)

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