This Super-Simple Strategy Can Help You Lose Weight

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Weight Loss

Here’s how to lose weight — without using complicated diet plans. Sounds too good to be true?

Looking to lose weight?

Want to drop a few kilos? Monotonous meals might be the ticket. A study found that people who maintained weight loss of at least 13kg for six years had significantly less variety in their diets compared with those who’d lost weight within the previous six months. A lack of diversity helps slash kilojoules, says Dr J Graham Thomas, an associate professor of psychiatry and human behaviour. He believes the sheer breadth of foods available these days may be partly to blame for the obesity epidemic.

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“Bored taste buds”

When you eat the same food over and over, you tend to eat less. Researchers call it “sensory-specific satiety” – we call it “bored taste buds”. Try it with just one meal a day though; if you nosh the same eats morning, noon and night, you miss out on the range of nutrients that research shows can help ward off metabolic disease. Plus, you’re likely to get so bored that when you slip up, your splurge could become a binge, says nutritionist Amy Gorin.

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The flip side of bored eating

Bored people eat more fatty and sugary foods. It’s not that tedium makes you crave junk; you’re just reaching for some excitement. The smart move? Distract yourself with something that occupies your hands.


Turn off that Antiques Roadshow marathon. According to a Swedish study, women scoffed about 50 percent more food while watching a snooze-worthy TV show compared with a riveting one.

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