Take The Cup Stack Abs Challenge

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Fitness

Try this fun abs challenge with all those plastic cups you collected at the cricket – and build a rock-solid core in the process.

The Original Ab Stack Challenge

Last month US personal trainer and weight loss expert DammnDee, known for his creative workouts, posted an Instagram video where he demonstrated his latest abs challenge – stacking stability ball racks on your legs via a series of crunches. “This is a lot harder than what you think,” he wrote in the caption with a crying face emoji. “You have to balance the racks  on your knees and the more racks you balance, the heavier it gets!”

Workout Wednesday Challenge: The WH Cup Stack

We didn’t have a bunch of stability ball racks lying around the house, but we did have an abundance of plastic cups left over from beer snakes at the cricket (hey, everyone deserves a cheat day!). While you don’t have the weight factor on your legs, you do need to squeeze those cups to keep them from falling, so you’re working your thighs as well.
Watch The Video

Do It

Get a stack of plastic cups – the cricket stadium beer snake variety is ideal, but any cups will do – and lie on your back with the stack behind your head within easy reach. Suck your tummy in and scoop your pelvis so your lower back is flat against the floor. Now raise your legs vertical and bend your knees. Reach back and grab one cup, crunch up to place it between your knees and grip it securely. Continue until all cups are between your knees, then perform the same movement to stack the cups behind your head again. In the original post, DammnDee recommends you do four sets. The catch: stacking up and down THREE times = one set. Feel the burn, baby!
Did you try it? We’re dying to know how it went! Tweet us and tell us how many cups you were able to stack. Or better yet, tag us in your videos on Instagram

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