The Best New Skincare Products Launching In March

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Skincare

With so many new brands and products being launched each day, it can be hard to know what’s what out there. That’s why we’ve gathered our top picks from all that comes across our beauty desk. Each new product brings exciting innovations, helping us get much closer to healthy, happy skin. From active ingredients to growth factors that help skin regenerate and heal — we’ve got the 411 on what’s hot this month.

Sothys Cosmeceutique Dermoboosters

The French brand has just launched its new range of products containing ultra-active molecules to complement the other Sothys ranges, our favs? The retinol dermobooster and the lactic dermobooster. The retinol dermobooster serum that targets premature ageing, sun-damaged skin and oil congested, acne-prone skin. While the lactic dermobooster refines the skin texture using micro-exfoliation actives to smooth fine lines and even out the skin’s appearance.

Available at select spas & skincare clinics

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The Beauty Worx Facial Serums

The BeautyworX facial serums collectively work to control, maintain and protect your skin. The range features six serums, each feeding your specific skincare needs. There are serums to brighten, hydrate, reduce wrinkles, soothe redness, and fine lines, help fight acne, prevent sun damage, and reduce the signs of ageing.

Available at Dis-chem stores for R129 each

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Lamelle Dermaheal

Lamelle Research Laboratories’ Dermaheal works by taking what youthful skin does well (heal, regulate and regenerate itself) and re-introducing those abilities to ageing skin. It’s quite literally empowering your skin to defy the effects of time.

All the moisturising cream and Eye Regeneration cream products in the Lamelle Dermaheal range (highest concentrations in Ultra Renewal Cream) contain a special growth factor called TGF-Beta3 (TGF-B3). TGF-B3 is one of the vital cell differentiation and growth mechanisms the body uses to develop foetuses in the womb. This growth factor has the remarkable ability to help skin regenerate and heal without getting inflamed or leaving any scars!

Available at Lamelle stocklist stores

Avène Limited Edition 300ml Water and A-Oxitive

The sensitive skin experts, Avéne have just celebrated the 30th birthday, and to celebrate they’ve launched a limited edition 300ml can of their amazing thermal spring water. If you haven’t heard about their life-changing thermal spring water (I swear by this stuff), all you need to know that it’s spring water from the Cevennes mountain. The water is known for it’s soothing, softening and anti-irritation properties. And best yet, for every can of their limited edition can, Avéne will donate R10 to Cansa — meaning you get to have great skin and help others.

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Next, they’ve also launched a range of skincare products to help combat oxidative stress (an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body). The range features a peeling cream (that even sensitive skin can use), it works to boost cellular activity, refine skin texture and combat free radicals. You can also find an antioxidant defence serum, a smoothing water cream, and an eye contour cream.

Available at Dischem and Clicks 

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