The Ultimate Beach Bum Workout

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Workouts

Just add water. 

Ditch the beach towel and get sweaty on the sand this summer with this ultimate beach bum workout by muscle physiologist and lifeguard Tayla Falmann. You’ll thank us later.

Why Should You Hit The Sand? 

Thought the beach is only for pretty strolls and sunsets? Think again. The water and sand combo means it’s an ace resistance machine. Plus, sand and sea train up your leg muscles with much less effort on your part. “There are a number of biomechanical and physiological benefits to running or exercising barefoot on sand, including training your calf and foot muscles and improved stabilising muscles in your legs,” says Faulmann. Plus, “The sand’s impact on the joints is reduced, and you’ll burn around 30% more kilojoules when compared to road running.”

Studies have also shown that training on sand produces greater physiological responses (heart rate, perceived exertion etc.) when compared to other training surfaces. Translation: you can train harder without compromising your recovery. Swimming in the surf is also better than slogging it in the pool: the current and constantly changing conditions mean you’ll automatically torch more kilojoules.

Faulmann’s put together a workout that encompasses the kind of training lifeguards do on the beach to score those super-toned bodies. In an average two-hour session, lifeguards burn around 3000 kilojoules. Ready to get ripped? Try this beach bum workout, and modify it to your needs. Only got 15 minutes? Do the whole workout once. If you’re lazing around or need to burn off a boozy brunch, do the whole thing four times.

Looking for more? Try this beach HIIT workout or tone your butt with this buff beach guide, then get your hands on our December issue for all the major water workouts you need to try this summer.

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