The Hardest-Working Skincare Product You Definitely Already Own

by | May 22, 2019 | Skincare

“Rub a little tissue oil on it”: a tale as old as time – thanks to the wonders of tissue oil being passed down by generations. Famed to do just about anything and everything to better the appearance and comfort of your skin, its multi-purpose potential has earned this beauty product icon status. Admittedly, however, it’s also the product that often gets pushed to the back of the bathroom cabinet and falls off the edge of our beauty regimens.

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Whether you bought yours hoping to melt away stretch marks or, like me, you were hoping to banish leg scars and dry skin for good, I’m pretty sure after reading this article it’s going to be one of your prized skincare products once again… Hear me out on this one – keep scrolling for three reasons you need tissue oil in your life again.

1. Mama knows best…

Growing up in Joburg, I’ve always been accustomed to flaky winter skin. Until my clever mother told me to “squeeze a few drops” of tissue oil into my body lotion. No fancy lotion needed. I think at the time I was still using an extremely fragranced tub of cream that I had received in a gift box (probs complete with a pack of glitter pens… hey, it was the Nineties). And it worked! So much so that you can even purchase Bio-Oil’s new Dry Skin Gel, which is a potent oil-based gel for those who suffer with very dry skin in winter.

Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel

2. Sun’s out, legs out

As in, it’s not raining so I jump on my mountain bike and hit the trails. Problem is, I’m a MTB newbie and I fall. A lot. So far my biggest battle scars decorate my shins. (Mainly from the pedals catching them while I push the bike to the start, but that’s pretty embarrassing so let’s keep it on the DL.) Anyway, I’m still a girlie-girl and I like to wear short dresses and cute shorts so I need my scars taken care of. You guessed it: tissue oil out the bathroom cabinet and slathered on my legs post-shower.

B.O.N Natural Oils Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil

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Bonus! I find this specific tissue oil extremely soothing, and thanks to its hydrating properties, it really helps with the healing of any cuts and scrapes.

3. Ring-a-ding-ding

Layering your heirloom gold bands with cheap midi-finger rings is so totes in right now. And yes, painted nails are a must for the look, but even more NB? Well-oiled cuticles. Nothing says “I’m stressed” like dry chewed-up cuticles. So even if you are ready to run away and live on a desert island, fake your zen with tissue-oiled cuticles.

African Extracts Classic Care Tissue Oil

African Extracts Classic Care Tissue Oil, R69

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