“I Figured Out Some Really Cool Ways To Stay Fit While I Was Travelling”

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Fitness

I recently squeezed a whirlwind Euro trip into two weeks: Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. And while I can’t say my diet was exactly what you’d call ‘balanced’, I did try my best to keep my fitness in check. Here are a few lessons I learnt along the way…

Book your own trip (Travelstart has some cool deals – oh hello Mauritius), then follow my advice. You’ll return totally refreshed – and your body will thank you.

Travel Tip No. 1

Walking is free and it’s the best way to discover hidden gems in the places you’re visiting. So naturally, being on a pretty tight budget and wanting to save my coins for actual attractions, I walked everywhere! Another bonus: you can burn off those Belgium waffles and French crêpes. I travelled with one of my besties, Jacky, and she’s also of the walking disposition. She logged one of our day’s walking on her fitness app – and we were kinda mind-blown when it told us we’d clocked 18km. Pack in some comfy shoes and get those legs moving.

Travel Tip No. 2

A bus or metro is not the only way to get around when the distance isn’t walkable or your feet are throbbing. Why not tour the town on a bike, or even in a boat? That’s one of the ways we got around when our feet needed a break. And, when in Amsterdam, riding a bike should be on your travel bucket list. Bikes have right of way in Amsterdam, so you’ll be ruling the road plus working those legs.

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Travel Tip No. 3

Airbnb workouts are definitely a thing. I packed in a skipping rope, and there’s so much that you can do simply using your bodyweight. A couple of sit-ups, burpees, planking, squats – and you’re sorted. I’m not saying you should waste precious travelling time working out in your room, but you can always do a few moves while you wait for your turn in the shower, or for the kettle to boil. Something is always better than nothing, and it’s a great way to get those energy levels up if you (like me) keep sleep to a minimum on a travelling holiday. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Travel Tip No. 4

There’s nothing I like better than running in a new country, except perhaps brie on a baguette. I even enjoy getting a bit lost – luckily I’m pretty good and finding my way home. What’s more, Europe in summer means sunsets at 10pm! I went for a run at 8pm in Germany and it was still light and sunny. Pack in those running shoes. It’s honestly one of the best ways to explore.

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Travel Tip No. 5

Stairs. Literally so many stairs. It seems that every cathedral in Europe has a ‘tower’ you can climb. Get your bum burning with some decent climbs: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Berliner Dom, Cologne Cathedral – the list is endless. Bring on the burn – the pics you’ll get at the top are worth it.

Travelling soon? Here is an anywhere, anytime workout ideal for the holidays.

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