THIS Is When You’re Most Likely To Practice Unsafe Sex

by | Feb 12, 2015 | Health, Sex & Love

Multiple partners. Condom-free flings. Binge-drinking slip-ups. Sugar daddies. More and more SA women are taking big sexual risks despite huge awareness campaigns and plenty of hip role models. So when did being safe stop being cool?

1/ You’ve Had A Few Too Many

“Really it’s about knowing your own drinking limits,” says Kelly Ace, clinical sexologist for Try alternating alcoholic and soft drinks and consider having a buddy system with a friend to keep impulsive boozy hook-ups in check.

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2/ You’re Caught In The Heat Of The Moment

The best move: always have condoms on you when you go out. This way there’s no excuse for having unsafe sex. Figure out a way to make putting on a condom a part of foreplay. Make it seductive and say, “Wait – let’s slow things down and use a condom… I want this to last all night.”

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3/ After A Few Dates You Decide He’s “Safe” To Forgo The Condom

“The reality is that you have no medical knowledge about him, and a person doesn’t need to look dodgy in order to have an STI,” Ace says. It’s about keeping yourself safe.

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