This Upper-Body Preggy Workout Will Keep You Strong Enough To Lift A Pram

by | May 9, 2018 | FitMama

New moms are badass. Don’t believe us? Try walking around with a three-kilo dumbbell for a couple of hours. Then add a pram and a few bags to the mix. Yup, you need to be strong if you’re going to be a mom.

Staying active during your pregnancy is a good way to prepare your body for the birth and the physical demands that come when baby arrives. This workout, from biokineticist Raeesa Solwa, uses functional moves to strengthen your core and upper body.

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The Upper Body Preggy Workout

Raeesa designed this workout towards the end of her second trimester. She said, “Upper body workout because the lower body was not on my side the past few days. But that’s okay. My body is changing more each day – more weight, more movement and more kicks.”

Note: Don’t do any workout unless your doctor has cleared you to exercise.


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Your Moves:

Perform the moves below, in order, as a circuit. Move slowly and with control, resting as needed. Once you’ve performed all the moves, rest, then repeat the circuit for a total of three or four rounds.

1/ Battle Ropes on knees x 30 secs
2/ Plank To Push-up on Bosu x 20
3/ Dynamic Runner’s Lunge x20
4/ Plank Hold x 45 secs
5/ Plank and Alternate Reach x 20

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