5 Cosmetic Procedures For Your Vagina You Probably Didn’t Know About

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Health

Women in South Africa are investing in vaginal procedures in the name of rejuvenation. Yup. Here’s why: vaginal rejuvenation involves stimulating the formation of new vaginal tissue, to improve blood flow and build vaginal strength and elasticity.

The majority of women explore vaginal procedures because of childbirth, their age or to up their confidence levels. We’re talking tightening, bleaching and reconstruction. If your face can get a glow, why not give your lady parts a youthful overhaul too?

Go on girl, reclaim your sexual health!

Vaginal procedures do wonders for your confidence, especially between the sheets. The Midori V-Bar Salon in Joburg was one of the first salons to introduce the concept of vagina steaming in the country – think of it as a facial for your vagina. If making your ‘honey pot’ look aesthetically pleasing then the list below may come in handy. Gynaecologist and laparoscopic Surgeon Dr Natalia Novikova gives us a better insight into what you can expect when you go for your procedure.


Vaginal tissue can change and lead to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, such as looseness, painful urination, laxity, dryness and itching. Femilift is a non-surgical, quick and safe solution suitable for women of all ages. Procedures take place in the doctor’s room, where the doc inserts a hygienic probe into the vagina, targeting the designated area with a laser. A typical treatment takes under 30 minutes, depending on the case. You should be able to resume your normal activities right after the treatment.

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A word from the expert: “CO2 laser treatments and radio-frequency devices such as Femilift and the radio-frequency vaginal treatment Ultrafemme 360 are becoming increasingly popular for the treatment of symptoms related to menopause, incontinence and sexual dissatisfaction. Although there are differences in the type of vaginal rejuvenation device, the downtime is, at most, a few days with Femilift and none with UltraFemme 360 and women experience little to no discomfort during the procedure. These minimally invasive options are best suited to those who do not need to go under the knife to treat conditions which compromise their quality of life,” says Dr Novikova.

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2/Vagina botox

Who even knew botox could be used for our vag? Botox in the vaginal region is most commonly to treat vaginismus, a condition where women involuntarily contract their vaginal muscles in response to penetration. This condition causes pain, both physically and mentally, for a woman and their partners. The injection is inserted into the vagina wall, relaxing the vaginal muscles.

A word from the expert: “Botox is often used in conjunction with other treatment options. It’s essential to maintain realistic expectations of any treatment, particularly when treating a condition as psychologically-inclined as vaginismus. Safety is not a concern, with the procedure conducted with numbing cream in the doctor’s rooms or, in severe cases, under general anaesthesia in the operating room. For many women, this procedure is life-changing and has enabled them to regain control of the sex life,” says Dr Novikova.

3/Orgasm shot

There’s no longer a need to fake the big O. The non-surgical procedure has enabled women to experience more intense and frequent orgasms, as well as increased lubrication in the vagina.

A word from the expert: “Numbing cream is applied to the area and a needle is injected into the G-spot area (located under the urethra) and/or into the clitoris as well as the back vaginal wall. Normal activity can be resumed almost immediately and pain is uncommon. There are no serious risks or complications associated with the procedure. The effect of the O-shot may vary between individuals, though the response to the treatment has been largely positive, particularly for women who struggle to orgasm through vaginal penetration after natural childbirth and menopause,” says Dr Novikova.

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4/G-Spot augmentation

G-Spot augmentation or amplification involves an injection of hyaluronic acid into the G-spot area. The acid provides structure and moisture to the damaged tissue in the vagina.

A word from the expert: “Through this rejuvenating process, the feeling of fullness is enhanced in the G-spot, allowing greater levels of sexual arousal and more intense orgasms. This treatment is also effective for women who have reduced levels of sexual sensation, experience pain during intercourse or suffer from genital dryness. Conducting the procedure is straightforward. A numbing cream is applied to the area before the acid is injected. The procedure is virtually pain-free, with minimal associated risks,” says Dr Novikova.

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Hymenoplasty is the surgical repairing of the hymen. The second skin in the area close to the hymen is sewed up, for a better appearance, or to restore it to its original state for religious or cultural reasons.

A word from the expert: “Although it is a relatively short procedure, around 45 minutes, a general anaesthetic is required and recovery is around a week. As expected of any surgery, there is a slight chance of infection and prolonged bleeding, as well as risks associated with the administration of the anaesthetic. Occasionally over-correction may occur, where the vaginal opening becomes narrowed, making the first sexual encounter after the procedure a bit challenging. Fortunately, this is unlikely to have any impact in the long term. Although complications from hymen repair are rare, caution should be exercised to ensure a specialist in the field is conducting the procedure. Women who seek this procedure often do so because of religious or cultural reasons, though there are also many who undergo hymenoplasty as part of their psychological healing process after being raped or sexually abused,” says Dr Novikova.

Are you considering it yet? Step out of your comfort zone and treat your vajayjay.

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