3 INSANE Reasons Women Feel Embarrassed About Their Vaginas

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Health

By Elna Rudolph

It’s time to stop the madness…

Vaginas, they are a-changin’

It’s becoming as fashionable as getting a bikini wax. Less than 100 years ago, no women shaved their legs, let alone their pubic hair and now women are removing their labia minoras! Is this right? Is it even necessary?

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You can get fat sucked out or pumped into ‘the mount of venus’ (the area over your pubic bone) as well as your labia majora (the larger lips). You can have your labia minora (inner lips) amputated; your clitoral hood removed to expose the clitoris; or extended to hide the clitoris. You can even get a filler in your G-spot!

So why do so many of us have hang-ups about our private parts?

1. We don’t know what “normal” is

We rarely get the chance to really look at the most intimate parts of others. If you do get the opportunity, you will find they come in the most amazing shapes, sizes and colours. None of them are pretty, but for that matter, none of them are ugly either. They are all, well, normal.

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2. The porn industry

The majority of naked women you see are media-generated images where alterations have been made to hide any bits that are “hanging out”. The porn industry tries to make women look less powerful by making them look like little girls. Anyone would have hang-ups if you compared yourself to them. We’re beautiful, grown women, not little girls.

3. Our partners

Because it’s now fashionable to remove pubic hair, women get to see their genitals much more often than in the past. Men also see the exposed genitals of their partners and compare it to porn images. They might even mention something that can add to a woman’s insecurity. If a man really has a hang-up about how you look down there, it’s pretty superficial, don’t you think?

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