Want A Booty Like Boity? Steal The Diet Secrets She Swears By

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Weight Loss

Boity Thulo reveals what she puts on her plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Like most of us, it depends on the kind of day she’s having. “If I have a long day, it’s difficult to stick to a really healthy diet — especially when I’m on set. So I usually nibble on whatever is there. For breakfast I usually go for a bowl of gluten-free oats with some honey. I normally go for salmon tartare at lunch, and chicken breast stir-fry is my go-to for dinner — I love chicken breasts!”

“It’s great to have a meat that’s healthy — it makes life so much easier because you don’t have to feel bad about eating what you love,” she says.
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Her ‘Go-To’ Snack

Because we’ve all got that one thing we ‘must’ have! Luckily for Boity, it doesn’t come out of a vending machine. “I’m not that strict on my snacking, but when I do I’ll probably have rice cakes or olives. I love olives! I could live off olive tapenade — it’s incredible! Not sure if it’s healthy or not, but I don’t snack that much…” (We approve, by the way — tapenade is not a doughnut!)

And when she’s not licking olive tapenade off her fingertips? “I also enjoy having a little bit of biltong — it’s a good source of protein.” And an excellent tum-filling choice to get you to your next meal craving-free.

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Her Top Weight-Loss Tip

And this is the one we’ve all been waiting for… “The most accessible thing would be warm lemon water. It does so much for the body. It does the work rapidly, it’s natural and a cheap way to enhance your exercising. Jogging is amazing: also a cheap (free!) form of exercise. [Or just] take a long walk.”

Crucially, though: “You are your best weight-loss [weapon], because it’s also dependent on how committed you are to making it happen. I can give you all these tips and if you don’t use them or use them incorrectly, then you’re your biggest enemy,” says Boity.

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Here ‘Go-To’ Cheat Meal

“Do I eat cheat meals? Absolutely! I feel like there are certain fats and sugars that your body needs. It’s a good balance,” she says. See, proof that moderation is key when it comes to dieting.

Boity’s words to live by: “We’re not saying starve yourself off the good stuff. We’re saying enjoy them occasionally; make the stuff that you’re obsessed with a treat to congratulate yourself. It makes the journey a lot less stressful, but enjoyable [instead]. Besides, there is a scientific reason — apparently we need cheat meals, so yay to that!”

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