Want Hotter Sex? Cut This Many Kilojoules…

by | May 19, 2016 | Sex & Love

By Korin Miller; photograph by Francisco Garcia

Cutting kilojoules from your diet could lead to hotter sex. Check out the number, then make the call: cupcakes or orgasms? We know which one we’d choose!

When people promise that one simple tweak will help us sleep better lose weight, and increase our sex drive, we tend to be a little sceptical. But that’s what researchers are now claiming in the wake of one two-year study.

The Science:

For the study, which was published in JAMA Internal Medicine, scientists asked 100 average and overweight women and men to cut 25 percent of their daily kilojoule intake for two years and compared their results to people who made no dietary changes.

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On average, participants on the kilojoule-restricted diet lost 8kg. They also reported sleeping better at night and having an increased sex drive compared to their normal-eating counterparts. (Keep in mind that this study relied on self-reported data, which leaves a lot of room for error.)

The Outcome:

But yes, participants had to cut a boatload of kilojoules to get those results, which doesn’t sound very easy or enjoyable. In fact, most people couldn’t really pull it off at all. Scientists found that, as a whole, the restriction group only ended up successfully cutting 11.9 percent of their daily kilojoule intake.

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Our Conclusion:

The bottom line: numerous studies suggest that keeping a healthy weight is good for your sex life and your sleeping habits. And as this study shows, you don’t have to actually go overboard with restricting your kilojoules to see results. Nice!

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