“I Ditched My Unhealthy Diet Tricks And Lost Over 15 Kilos”

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Weight Loss

“Consistency is key!”

“I started gaining weight in high school when I was staying at a boarding house. We had no other option but to eat what was cooked for us, and I knew nothing about what I was putting into my body.” For Wendy, understanding her diet would be the key to unlocking her weight-loss goals. This is her story.

Wendy Sibiya

Occupation: Student
Age: 22
City: Durban
Weight before: 62 kg
Weight after: 46 kg
Height: 1.5 m
Time taken to lose weight: 3-4 months
Secret weapon: Consistency and diet

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The Gain

Wendy would describe her previous diet as a “I eat everything!” diet. Her go-to meal? “Pork with white bread and mince — I loved that combination,” she says. Junk food was a norm to her and even when she cooked at home, she would use loads of unnecessary oil. “I really had no idea what was good or bad for my body,” she says. Wendy never tried to exercise; the only thing she did was fast and starve herself to lose weight. “That’s what I thought was the fastest way to lose weight,” she says.

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The Change

“During my first year at university, a girl at my residence greeted me and said ‘Hey sdudla’, meaning ‘Hey fatty’. I know she didn’t mean to offend me, but it really affected my self-esteem, and that was the turning point in my life,” says Wendy. She decided to start making changes to her lifestyle, and began jogging. Although she wasn’t consistent with her workouts, she decided to join the gym with her boyfriend who helped to keep her motivated.

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The Lifestyle

When it came to diet and nutrition, Wendy didn’t know much… she’d always believed that in order to slim down you had to eat bland salads, count calories and restrict everything. Eventually, she decided to learn more about what her body needed and discovered that her body responded to a vegan diet.

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The Rewards

“When I posted pictures on social media, people told me that they saw a difference in my body, and this motivated me to push myself. I’ve never look back,” says Wendy. Her life has changed in so many ways: she’s more confident in her body and people have even approached her to help them kick-start their fitness journeys. “It makes me so happy that people see what I do and look to me for guidance,” she adds.

Wendy’s Tips

> Eat clean. You can never out train a bad diet.
> Read food labels. Know what’s inside the package so you can make healthier food choices.
> Be consistent. Each goal requires consistent effort.

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