“I Tried Kundalini Yoga And Now I Get Why People Love It”

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Fitness

I’m new to yoga, but I do love a little strange, so I’d been circling kundalini at myUTOPIA for a while… and finally landed in my very first class last week, happily expecting the worst.

I mean, we’ve all heard the stories of tantric tongue wagging, body jerking and other spiritual spookiness, right?

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But if you can suspend your suspicions for a second, let me tell you why I really liked it, and why you might want to give kundalini a second chance…

You don’t have to “believe”

Yes, our kundalini yoga instructor did talk us through the “why” of everything we were doing, third eye popping out of her forehead, but practising kundalini doesn’t mean you’re dabbling in another religion or tapping into spiritual things you don’t fully understand.

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Of course, there is a deep mystical tradition to kundalini that you are welcome to embrace – but know that, just like regular yoga, you can get the physical and mental benefits of a class without losing yourself in it.

You don’t have to “chant”

As for me, I do like to lose myself a little in what I consider to be a safe space, so chant I did. Had there been a drum, I would’ve drummed. And hummed. And turned my sweat towel into a turban. And generally behaved like a hippie.

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But, I discovered, for a non-believer like me, the true value did not lie in mumbling “guuuuuuuruuuuuuuuuu” in my most serious voice – it was in the incredible breath work we did. It was in the repetitive motion. And the coupling of those two basic things (simple breathing and moving) honestly got me to a place of calm that I could not have reached on my own.

You don’t have to stick your tongue out

Having recently experienced fairly high-frequency anxiety (a Hashimoto’s disease-related story for another time), you’d think panting loudly in front of anyone other than my partner would be a dealbreaker… But no. It actually took my chill next-level when I didn’t think I could go any deeper.

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If you’re a nervy person and this is totally not your vibe, you can just carry on with the regular breathing – but if you’re even slightly curious, go for it. The embarrassment is fleeting, but the mind benefits are epic and long-lasting.

You don’t have to do anything you don’t feel comfy with…

But I highly recommend going full-on kundalini at least once in your life. It’s a great all-over body workout. It’s energising – but simultaneously intensely relaxing. If anything, it’s liberating. It’s also intimate and just a tiny bit weird – kinda like giving yourself a French kiss. And we all secretly want a little tongue, right?

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Keen to give it a try?

Pop in at myUTOPIA Boutique Lifestyle Centre, visit their website for the schedule or give them a call on 021 202 2271 to book your spot on the mat. PS: You don’t even need to own your own mat – they provide everything. Just bring yourself and an open mind. Because it’s going to be blown.

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