Why You Should Eat Eggs — The Updated Science

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I personally love to eat eggs – they’re an affordable, versatile source of protein and other vital nutrients. I often boil some eggs on a Sunday evening, so that I have easy access to a protein-rich snack during the week, when I get busy.
As far as snacks go, a boiled egg is pretty great. The high protein content means you will be left feeling fuller for longer (which is very helpful if you’re on a weight-loss programme). Eggs are considered a low-calorie food (again, good for weight loss).
Eggs are also high in zinc, calcium, which are essential for health living.
One large egg (if you’re shopping at Woolworths) costs about R4. This makes it an affordable source of protein compared to meat. Plus eggs have less saturated fat than meat.
One large egg contains about 6.5g protein. After an intense workout of 60+ minutes, we need 20g of protein to help our muscles recover. So, three large boiled eggs make for the perfect recovery snack or breakfast (combined with some carbs, of course). So boiled eggs are a win for me! On a slice of rye, of course!

The Updated Science On Eating Eggs

“An egg a day not tied to risk of heart disease.” This was published in Science Daily earlier this year, after a team of researchers from the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) of McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences found the answer by analyzing data from three large, long-term multinational studies.
“Moderate egg intake, which is about one egg per day in most people, does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease or mortality. Even if people have a history of cardiovascular disease or diabetes,” says Mahshid Dehghan, first author and a PHRI investigator.
“Also, no association was found between egg intake and blood cholesterol, its components or other risk factors. These results are robust and widely applicable to both healthy individuals and those with vascular disease.”
These details were also published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Eat Eggs To Improve Your Health

Why you should eat eggs with your salad: this helps your body absorb vitamin E from raw mixed veggies (we see you Gado-Gado). This is according to The Journal of Nutrition.
A study published in 2018, which focused on 500 000 Chinese adults of diverse backgrounds over four years, showed that a moderate level of egg consumption (one per day) was associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. This study was conducted by the CKB, previously known as the Kadoorie Study of Chronic Disease in China. It was set up to investigate the main genetic and environmental causes of common chronic diseases in the Chinese population.
Don’t just eat the egg whites! Because egg whites are mostly just protein, the yolks contain the powerhouse of nutrients, including lutein, which improves eyesight, and vitamins D and B12. Both of these boost your mood and energy. Eggs also contain selenium, a powerful antioxidant which helps to boost your immune system and may prevent certain cancers.
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Make This Yummy, Easy Frittata!

Make this on a Sunday and you’re sorted for lunches for the next few days. It’s easy to heat up in the microwave and small portions make for a convenient snack too.

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